Enter the World of Free MMORPG’s

Guest Blogger: JennaimageMMORPG is the acronym for massively multiplayer online role playing games. It offers a virtual world where millions of people now reside. Individuals have been able to discover new powers in this world and create their own unique identity. They were first introduced as war games, with low quality graphics and limited communication tools. However, they have transformed into realistic virtual worlds over the past few years.

Playing MMORPGs requires a monthly subscription fee. However, many companies have realized that many people want to subscribe, but can’t do so due to low budget. The concept of free MMORPG has already been implemented for many games, and the numbers are growing. EA made The Old Republic free-to-play in 2012, dropping the $14.99 monthly subscription fees. Dungeons and Dragons online and Lord of the Rings online were made free as well by Publisher Turbine.

Teachers have even started using these games in classrooms for children. For example, Moonbase Alpha from NASA provides an engaging environment where students are easily able to understand lunar lessons. The experience is related to real science. Kids are able to conveniently play the game and learn, even from home. There’s no subscription required for the educational offering.

However, parents can enroll their kids into the virtual world outside classroom games. There are subscriptions available for reasonable fees as the New Year approaches. They also have the option of free online MMORPG for children.

There are goals and quests of reaching new levels, exploring new dimensions and discovering certain items. This helps players find out their decision making abilities. The gameplay also increases the research skills for new entrants as they search for advice from those who have already played the game. Players also get acknowledged when they achieve a tough goal, which builds up self-confidence. MMORPGs also provide a safe environment to relief tension and stress.

Advancements are being made in this form of game, which will attract more players in the future.

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