The Marvelous Mobile Lives of Cunning College Students [Infographic]

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Everyone knows that college isn’t just about getting a good education. It’s about socializing, coming to terms with who you are, and creating unique experiences and memories that will last a life time.

Today’s generation of cunning college students are more connected and inquisitive than ever. It’s a good thing that smartphones came along to help satiate their quest for knowledge. Young adults are far more likely than their elders to use the internet to look of information, in the middle of the conversation, in a manner that many may find rude or annoying. But they seek out the information they don’t already contain within their head and are constantly longing for more information.

Teenagers and young adults use their mobile technology to influence their decisions and daily lives in marked ways.

  • 60% use mobile technology to meet up with each other.
  • 43% decide whether to support a business using mobile technology.
  • 45% look up information to settle an argument.
  • ( On this note, for years my husband thought I had the answers for everything. When he finally realized I was just googling it all he started googling it himself. Man those were some good years.)


via OnlineColleges and mashable

We live in a world where our time is hardly ever idle. Even on rest breaks, lunch time, waiting in line, or at a doctor’s office we have the ability to pull out our smartphones or tablets and work or play.

While many feel this constant connectivity gets away from true social interaction, the reality is that most people do not socialize in the settings that they pull out their smartphones to pass the time.

  • Waiting in line.
  • Just before getting out of bed.
  • In an elevator.
  • Riding public transit or commuting (riding NOT driving, even though 37% admit to using mobile technology while driving ).
  • During times where you can’t talk out loud(boring lectures, anyone?).
    How do you use mobile technology to improve your life?
    Do you think we are too connected?
    Do you think mobile technologies have ruined our attention spans?
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