How to Support Amanda Tujillo (Arizona Nurse Fired for Patient Advocacy)

 nurse up for Amanda Trujillo Arizona RN

The nurse bloggers have heard Amanda Trujillo’s story and are responding loud and clear. We have taken her cause to our various social media fortes and are telling the world of her unfortunate story. Patient advocates everywhere have to get a sick feeling in their stomach when they read about a patient’s whose rights were denied and the nurse who attempted to make it right was fired.

If Ms. Trujillo’s story upsets you as a nurse, healthcare provider, patient, or human being, we urge you to contact the Arizona Board of Nursing ( or 602-771-7800) and reach out to media to tell them that she needs her story told.

If you have a blog, blog about it. If you’ve blogged about it, add your link to the links on this page.

Amanda is the type of nurse that all nurses should aspire to be. We need to stand up and unite to let everyone know that patient’s rights need to be protected. If the Arizona BON takes action against her for this, none of us are safe.

Nurses are constantly fighting to be treated as professionals and practice to the full extend of our license. We cannot allow nurses to be bullied and intimidated by doctors and large health systems. We have a duty to the public to protect them and advocate for them.

Let’s protect and advocate for Amanda Trujillo. Let’s do what she attempted to do for her patient.

Below you will find a resource list of places you can speak out in support of Amanda. There is a petition to sign and we are in the process of setting up a trust fund so that you can donate to help support Amanda’s legal fees.

Press and Media: Contact Amanda Trujillo Directly:

Sign the Petition


Support Amanda Trujillo!

Donate to Amanda Trujillo



Social Media Pages You Can #NurseUp For Amanda

Arizona Media You Can Contact


Articles on Her Case From The Nerdy Nurse:

Other Blogs That Have Written About Amanda Trujillo’s Case

Have You Written About Amanda Trujillo? Add Your link!



  1. says

    Important news! – Some of Amanda’s supporters have recently posted a petition to boycott Arizona until we see some BON changes – please check it out & help us spread the word.

    Amanda’s next Hearing is 3/19 and AZBON reauthorization is still in the Legislature – we’re running out of time on this unusually opportune time for positive change.



    Thanks for your support,

    Greg Mercer, MSN

  2. Romano Eleutiza says

    Unquestionably, I’m appalled by the treatment of one of their own nurses named Amanda Trujillo. It is uncomprehending that such a distinguish institution as the Banner hospital would act in such manner. I’m at a lost for words,however, what Banner and this doctor have done they have taken the nursing profession back to the times of Florence Nightingale. Lastly, I been a loyal patronage to the Banner hospitals since 1994, I’m afraid this will terminated my relationship with this institution; I shall seek medical attention elsewhere, where they treat their own staff with respect, and allow the patients to participate on their own recovery treatment.

    • says


      We are all very upset by this. What is most unfortunate, as another nurse blogger has mentioned, it was nurses who fired Amanda and made the complaint against the BON. The doctor may have threw the tantrum, but nurses (her manager, and other hospital execs) were the ones who nailed the coffin shut on her job at banner.

      It makes me question the culture of nursing at banner. If they do this to one of their own, what treatment do they provide their patients?

      • Romano says

        Unquestionably, this is was is called “Lateral Abuse” and we nurses should not stand for it. Therefore, everyone should complain and unite in order to get any results on this issue, that is spreading like a VENOM among us nurses!!! In conclusion, it saddens me to hear such conduct, instead of looking out for each others back, they are behaving like little school girls. However, Amanda is better off without these ” BARRACUDA NURSES from the BANNER Hosp.” it only demonstrated their low caliber in nursing ethics . Wishing Amanda Trujillo, the very best in all of her future endeavors.


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