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Nurses Can Thrive When They Are Given Ongoing Feedback

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The practice of nursing is ever-changing. There are always new guidelines and regulations that nurses are asked to adhere to, often with little information to accompany it. Nurses sometimes feel like they are just surviving because they are being asked to take on new challenges and aren’t completely sure of themselves. This is because many organizations will give out new job requirements without following up with the nursing staff and providing ongoing feedback.

How to Combine a Love for Law and Health Care

If you’re trying to decide if you should enroll in a criminal justice graduate program or a master of health administration program, why not combine your passion for both fields? You could seek a criminal justice degree and work in health care, or you could seek a degree in health administration and work in law.

Making it Through Nursing School Debt Free

Going through nursing school can be very excited as it gives a person a chance to learn a craft that has a high earning potential. Many organizations will give loans for individuals to go through school. However, many of these loans have high finance charges. A student does not have to live decades owing large amounts of debt. Instead, a person can use more cost-free methods to finance his or her education.

Integrity & Clinical Judgement: You Can’t Buy it at Walmart

You expect a nurse to have integrity and use good clinical judgement, but not every one does. It’s even possible that not everyone can. Judgement is subjective, and even though the it is the goal for any prudent nurse to give the same level of care as another, it just doesn’t always happen that way.

Nursing Informatics: It’s About the Bigger Picture

Becoming a nurse informaticist would allow me to be passionate about the things I love: technology and healthcare. I would be able to make a real difference in an organization by inspiring those around me to get excited about innovation and improvements. I just may be able to convince a few more nurses and doctors to look at the bigger picture when technology is involved. Don’t think about the here and now and the minor frustrations you are inconvenienced by, but think about the long term benefits that you and your patients will experience.

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