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What You Need to Know About Opioid Induced Constipation Treatment Options

What You Need to Know About Opioid Induced Constipation Treatment Options

Finding an opioid induced constipation treatment that provides adequate and quick relief of symptoms may be important for patients and their providers. However, a recent online survey of 441 U.S. adults aged 18 years or older who were living with chronic pain, on opioid therapy and suffering from opioid induced constipation (OIC) revealed some interesting findings. The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, sponsored by a partnership of the US Pain Foundation and Salix Pharmaceuticals, found that 77% of these patients reported suffering from OIC for at least a year. Why aren’t they getting relief faster?

Transparency in Healthcare

Transparency in Health Care

How can nurses help foster transparency in healthcare? I was very fortunate to attend The National Patient Safety Foundations’ Lucian Leape Institute’s 8th Annual Forum & Keynote dinner on September 17, 2015 as one of the nurses selected to represent our organization. Lucian Leape is considered the father of the modern patient safety movement in …

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Nurses Eat Their Young – How to Stop Being a Victim of Nurse Bullying

Nurses Eat Their Young

Nurses eat their young. If you’re a nurse and haven’t experienced, you likely know someone who does. When I speak about social media and talk about how my bullying experience lead me to find community and connections with nurses online, I always have nurses who approach me after my talk to confide in me their bullying experiences. This happens without fail. I am thankful to make connections with my audience, but it saddens me that this is often the area that sparks a deeper connection.

Nominate The Nerdy Nurse for the Dr. Oz Show #NurseSearch

Nominate The Nerdy Nurse for the Dr Oz Show NurseSearch

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. Nurses need a bigger and better presence in the media. The Dr. Oz show is giving us that chance! While there are many nurses who would be great additions to the show, I’m just going to put this out there: I think it should be me.

7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

There are many blog posts and articles touting the benefits of social media. However, there are few blog posts outlining the career benefits of social media for nurses. This is the post you that answers the question “Can nurses use social media for career success?”

Become an Expert Nurse Consultant Instead of a Complainer

It’s possible to use your ability to find problems with the world to do good by channeling that skill into becoming an expert nurse consultant. Let’s examine how to direct your talents to increase your salary and bring extra value to your work.

The Value of Nursing: Expanding the Role of Nurses

Sally Okun, who is vice president of patient advocacy, policy and patient safety for PatientsLikeMe, was the very first nurse to speak at TEDMED. She used this opportunity at the 2013 event to focus on how nurses could, and should, play a bigger role in healthcare.

Adequate Nursing Staff Improves Care for Heart Failure Patients

It should be common sense, but there are entire research initiatives devoted to proving that have adequate nursing staff leads to improved patient outcome. This really transcends all types of nursing through various disciplines. But just so we can have a little more research and evidence to back it up, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) had a recent research initiative that proved that “Adequate and stable nurse staffing is key to improving care.”

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