Nurse Attacked by Surgeon at Cedars Sinai Hospital

It’s bad enough that nurse’s are constantly facing violence in hospital settings at the hands of patients, but now a surgeon has joined in on the attacks. The below video shows Paula Rickey allegedly being pushed by surgeon Kerry Kourosh Assil while walking out of an operating room.

Paula states that she was retaliated against when she filed a complaint against the surgeon. She states that she was forced to move to a different unit and had her hours cut. In short, they worked to accommodate the surgeon instead of Paula. So Paula filed a lawsuit.


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center addressed the lawsuit in a statement, where they said Assil was disciplined.

“The safety and wellness of patients and employees, including those at our affiliates, is paramount to Cedars-Sinai and aligned with our values,” the medical center said. “We take complaints seriously, investigate them thoroughly and act promptly.”

The incident occurred in July. Paula waited a month to report the assault. Additional reports state that Paula was forced to resign.

As of 12/20/17, Dr. Assil was still the medical director of the Cedars-Sinai 90210 Medical Center. Nurse activist group Show Me Your Stethoscope launched a phone call campaign asking for his resignation.

The fact that we are just now learning about this and the victim in the incident

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