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Is There a Difference between Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration?

Two commonly interchanged terms in the healthcare field are healthcare management and healthcare administration. Is there a difference between the two?

In medical career terminology, there are specific terms that are often used interchangeably. And while plenty of career fields have terms that people tend to mix up (for example, criminology and criminal justice), in the medical career field, interchanging can have consequences. Medical career terminology seems to be more confusing than most – probably because the average person, or student who wants a career in healthcare, simply doesn’t have enough knowledge. Two commonly interchanged terms in the healthcare field are healthcare management and healthcare administration.

Become an Expert Nurse Consultant Instead of a Complainer

It’s possible to use your ability to find problems with the world to do good by channeling that skill into becoming an expert nurse consultant. Let’s examine how to direct your talents to increase your salary and bring extra value to your work.

Nursing Management Hates a Squeaky Wheel

It’s clear that being and advocate automatically makes you a target, but does it make you un-hirable? Nurse K at Crass Pollination gives an interesting and valid perspective about the Amanda Trujillo case and advocacy. In her opinion, and likely many others, what Amanda has done by advocating for her patient, herself, and all nurses is tantamount to career suicide. She also discusses what happens when nurses within an organization speak up and the measures administration often go through to oil the squeaky wheel.

Clinical Informatics Specialist: Week 1, Project Managent

Clinical Informatics (working behind the scenes with documentation and software) is such a fantastic combination of my learned skills, natural attributes, and passions. Heck, I even called myself a Nerdy Nurse for a full year before I even was one… well I was nerdy, and a nurse, but the two paths didn’t merge as often as I would have liked… but I digress.

Clinical Informatics Specialist: New Job and Tips To Become a Nerdy Nurse

I’m a Star Trek Nurse with the professional title of Clinical Informatics Specialist.That’s what my husband calls nursing informatics: “Star Trek Nursing.” I’m going to work with the EMR software that hospitals use in order to provide and document care on patients. I will be working to build the user interfaces, change and customize it as needed, and implement any upgrades and changes.

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