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What Does It Mean to Blow a Vein?

What Does It Mean to Blog a Vein?

Starting IVs is one of the most exciting skills new nurses learn, and it can also be one of the most difficult. While threading a plastic catheter into a vein may seem straightforward when reading about it in a book, in practice, many things can go wrong or make the process more difficult. You may hear many nurses talk about “blowing a vein” when they were not successful in an IV start. However, what does it mean to blow a vein?

Nursing Techniques That Are Best Mastered Hands On

Nursing is a complex profession. It is a combination of knowledge and skill that come together to deliver patient care. Many nurses find that they can learn much of what they need in the classroom. However, there are many technical nursing skills that are best mastered with a “hands on” approach sometimes in the lab, but usually at the bedside.

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