How to Sleep for Night Shift

Have you ever wondered what that common thread among firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, and air-traffic controllers is? All of them become victims of sleep disorders due to their rotational shift timings around the year. ”How to sleep for night shift?” is a question that pesters their mind and also dominates their coffee-table discussions.

If you are one among those “Night heroes” of our society, then this article will prove to be your one-stop solution for your dysfunctional circadian rhythms.

Sleep disorder is a commonly distressing phenomenon among such individuals that occurs, especially during their extensive night shift duties.

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While you may curse your body for not adjusting to your professional work-schedule, you would be surprised to know (if you are not a doctor) that your night shift work suppresses melatonin. This hormone is responsible for your biological clock’s regulation.

We have narrowed down some of the most effective strategies in this article that will help you improve your sleep quality and solve your worry about “can’t sleep after working a night shift.”

Read on to find out how to sleep like a baby after your night shifts.

Proven Strategies to get a Good Sleep

While working night shifts, you rule out the luxury of having a good night’s sleep. You need to work during the dark and sleep during the light. Here are some of the most simple and effective strategies that will help you to get your required amount of sleep.

Hit the bed ASAP After Work

It will help if you forbid yourself from wasting time unnecessarily after your night-shift work. You need to define your night shift sleep schedule in accordance with your work while keeping in mind to sleep for 7 to 8 hours at a stretch.

Cut down your Caffeine Intake

This strategy might shock you if you had been relying too much on caffeine during your night shifts. It has been suggested by experts, not to intake any caffeinated beverages during the last 4 hours of your shift. This helps your body metabolize the caffeine that you had already consumed during the first half of your shift.

Relaxation Techniques for Better sleep

If you have been wondering “How to fall asleep fast?” then your answer lies with the breathing exercise – a simple yet effective relaxation technique for better sleep.

All you need to do is lie down comfortably on your bed, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing pattern. Focus on your natural breathing pattern, feel the air entering your body through your nostrils, and leave through your mouth.

Your mind’s nature is to meander, so let it wander off to those random thoughts without any obstruction and then gently bring back your attention to your inhalation and exhalation.

Incorporating Good Sleep Hygiene in Your Routine

It is imperative for you to have proper sleep hygiene in your daily routine to get a good-day sleep after your night’s sleep. It would be best to inform your family members and friends not to disturb you while you are sleeping during the daytime. It would help if you also practiced the strict schedule of work-home-sleep throughout your night shift duties.

Products that help You Sleep Well

You can feel as fresh as a daisy during your night shift work if you had a good day’s sleep. Along with the strategies discussed above, here are some of the most helpful products that will help you to fall asleep faster.

Sleep Sound Machine

With a sound machine designed to produce soothing sounds of nature, getting lulled into a deep and peaceful slumber will no longer be a problem. You get the option for choosing one or a mix of six different sounds to create a calm ambiance for your sleep.

Based on your convenience, you can set the timer for 30 minutes or an hour, or you can plug it in the power source and leave it playing throughout the time you are sleeping.

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Sleep Mask

A sleep mask might not seem to be a fancy sleeping aid, but its importance is such that it cannot be ignored. A premium quality sleep eye mask contours comfortably around your eyes and nose while preventing any light from hitting your eyes and disturbing your peaceful day’s sleep.

Sleep masks are great to help you control light exposure.

Essential Oils

Nothing can be more nerve-soothing as the aroma of essential oil that has the perfect amalgamation of copaiba, lavender, and clary sage. A couple of drops in the diffuser in your bedroom and slight sprinkles on your skin will work the charm of putting you into a deep slumber in no time.

Blackout Curtains

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To get a full deep slumber, you need a comfortable and soothing ambiance. The benefits of blackout curtains are plenty. These curtains are designed in such a manner that they not only cut out light from entering your room but also provide thermal insulation and noise reduction.

The finest quality blackout curtains are more expensive than other normal curtains, but its effects are way more than the price that you pay.

How to Survive a Night Shift with no Sleep

You would be ruthless to yourself if you try to go through a night shift work with no sleep. Nevertheless, if or when it is the need of the hour, you would have to pull off such stunts at work. Some of the quick hacks that will help you to survive such insane stunts are:

  • Stay away from fast food and eat healthy
  • Work in a brightly illuminated area during the night
  • Take short breaks during your work and nap
  • Drink caffeine but only during the first half of your night shift
  • Keep drinking plenty of cold water throughout your shift

How to Change the Sleep Schedule for Night Shift

If you have been informed of joining the night shift at work after a few days, it is imperative to start tapering your sleep to adjust according to your upcoming new schedule. You can follow the steps below to adjust your sleep schedule for night shifts gently:

  •  Go to bed 2 hours late and wake up 2 hours late
  • Take a nap before your shift begins for the day/night
  • When you are awake, keep yourself busy to avoid falling asleep
  • Slowly change your sleep timings from night to day
  • Develop a strict routine of sleeping at least 7 hours a day to function properly

Final Thoughts

Every individual is unique in her or his way, and therefore, you need to find the perfect combination of techniques and products that works the best for you. We have listed only those strategies and products that have been proven effective for numerous working professionals from all across the globe. We hope that your pestering question of “How to sleep for night shift” has now been resolved.

Whether you need to work for continuous numbers of nights or you need to survive a night shift with no sleep, you need to cook an amalgamation of those techniques and products according to your preferences. Always remember that your health is more precious than anything else and, therefore, never compromise your well-being during any phase of your life.

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