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Diversity in Nursing

Diversity in Nursing

Diversity in Nursing is a popular topic in the world of Nursing. But, why is diversity an issue and what can we do to make improvements? I have noticed people and some nurses; really do not understand the issue of diversity in nursing. In addition, why is diversity in nursing the elephant in the room? There is a need to have diversity in the population of nurses because of the diverse population of patients. Diversity in Nursing Statistics Let’s review the statistics and ethnicities in nursing: …

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What Can Healthcare Learn from Toyota-

What Can Healthcare Learn from Toyota?

Healthcare facilities everywhere are struggling to do more with less. Patients are getting sicker and reimbursements are getting smaller. Even with new insurance laws on the books, many patients are uninsured or underinsured. Healthcare facilities have struggled to meet the rising demand of patients. For many healthcare organizations, this has created backlogs of patients and mounting stressed-out healthcare professionals.

My Journey on Becoming a Nurse- Contribution to the Nursing Profession

Can a Nurse Refuse Treatment of a Patient?

The practice of nursing is guided by certain state education laws, rules, regulations, and the code of ethics. According to these, nurses are morally bound to care for and treat all patients regardless of disease entities, socio-economic status, cultural views, religion and sexual orientation, and so forth. Nurses are to care for all people. My nursing school motto was, “Amicus Humani Generis” which translated to be, “ Lover of the Human Race.” Wouldn’t it be ironic to go against the core of this statement?

Nominate The Nerdy Nurse for the Dr Oz Show NurseSearch

Nominate The Nerdy Nurse for the Dr. Oz Show #NurseSearch

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one. Nurses need a bigger and better presence in the media. The Dr. Oz show is giving us that chance! While there are many nurses who would be great additions to the show, I’m just going to put this out there: I think it should be me.

Minimize the Powerpoint Utilizing Education to Stop Nurse Horizontal Violence

Minimize the Powerpoint: Utilizing Education to Stop Nurse Horizontal Violence

The history of nursing is a relatively complicated tale filled with twists, turns, and not to mention a few hurdles creating a drastically different landscape from even a decade ago. The lamps have been put away, and white caps are gathering dust under beds. We now wear scrubs made of awesome flexible and stain resistant fabric, obtain PhDs, and travel. Bullying, on the other hand, seems to be cemented into the foundation of nursing. Despite increasing awareness and numerous measures to combat it, peer bullying (often referred to as lateral or horizontal violence) remains a part of nursing and exists within all levels of the profession. The question of why remains. Why has nothing we have tried succeeded in eradicating this issue?

5 Reasons Why IV Poles are a Huge Pain for Nurses

5 Reasons Why IV Poles are a Huge Pain for Nurses

IVs allow patients to get medications more quickly and efficiently than the oral route. They are a vital part of medical care, and many patients would suffer without access to the fast-acting medications delivered directly into their veins. In hospitals, IV poles are as common as patients, but, unfortunately, most of them are poorly designed and, in general, are a huge pain. Reasons Why IV Poles are a Huge Pain for Nurses I bet there are a ton of reasons IV poles are annoying. But let’s …

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3 Reasons Nurses Need to Stand Strong

3 Reasons Nurses Need to Stand Strong

Nursing is a profession that both allows and requires you to stand strong. It could be said that standing strong is a requirement of the job, but at the same time it’s also a benefit. Many people benefit when nurses take care of themselves. In fact, if nurses don’t take care of themselves they won’t be able to take care of others. If you don’t stand strong for yourself, how are you going to stand strong for anyone else?

nurse technology

Stress and Technology for Nurses: How to Take Your Computer Less Seriously

You’re a nurse, and your job is to take care of people, right? So, why does it seem that sometimes you have to spend as much time taking care of your “technological solutions” and EMRs as you do taking care of your patients? As if you don’t have enough stress in your work, do you also need stress over the high-tech of high-touch?

Nursing From Within

Nursing From Within and the Jedi Nurse

Elizabeth Scala is a talented nurse that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the nurse blog community. She is also a Jedi Nurse (more on that later) and has written a book to help nurses. She is always willing to lend a helping hand in collaboration efforts, and routinely participates in the nurse blog carnival. As an author of a book on technology for nurses myself, I know how important it is to utilize your network and collaborate to help as many nurses as …

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