Avoiding Common Leg and Back Problems

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Guest Blogger: Jenna

Back pain and leg pain are incredibly common – it’s probably why it is one of the most commonly ignored type of pain. But then again, it’s incredibly annoying and it has one of the highest rate of recurrence. So far so good, it seems like there’s nothing to really worry about here – but should you do something about it?

Certainly. In terms of recurrence, studies have shown that in 70% of cases, women have more than one episode, and it’s usually more than ten recurrences of the same issue. The problem becomes serious when it’s chronic pain that simply won’t go away. Doctors have also noted that in most cases, recovery comes even without treatment, but if the pain persists, it might be wise to seek professional attention. When? Well, basically when the pain starts seriously interfering with day-to-day activities such as work or basic living.

Another appropriate time to see a doctor is when the pain is prolonged and accompanied by a series of other symptoms such as fever, nausea, weight loss, pain interfering with sleep and so on. Avoiding these common leg and back problems can easily be done through physical exercising, having an appropriate posture and considering physical therapy.

For example, did you know that one of the biggest causes for back pain is the lack of a proper posture? An interesting research has shown that both leg and back pain can easily be connected to crossing legs, and improper sitting in your office chair. It’s amazing how the little things seem to be interfering with our daily comfort. A slumped forward position can also be the cause of back pain.

And as far as leg pain goes, with women there’s always the issue of wearing high heels. The human foot certainly wasn’t built for 4-inch tall heels, and for those having to wear them all the time (or even often enough), there will be consequences (as scary as that might sound). Nonetheless, for this issue in particular consider compression stockings to treat DVT.

Another relevant cause for back and leg pain is heavy carrying and improper lifting. Putting a lot of pressure on your back and leg muscles at a time when they’re not prepared for the lift can cause some serious back trouble. Even shoulder bags have a tendency to create a rather resilient pain. What’s to do about it? Well, basically carrying lighter bags or distributing the weight. Rather than carrying the entire weight on one shoulder or with one hand, consider distributing them between two hands, and having some sort of balance in your movement.

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3 thoughts on “Avoiding Common Leg and Back Problems”

  1. Pilates is the only true way to correct posture. Invented by joseph pilates,whom was born with a number of disabling,crippling diseases…when he was 14,he corrected and cured himself so well,he posed for anatomical charts. He than was a prisoner of war at one time…while captured,he took the springs off his bed and invented resistance training contraptions…he was called a nurse-physiotherapist while in the prison camp,and appointed to help with the other prisoners,and than,an influenza outbreak hit,and all the prisoners that followed the joseph method survived. He trained guards and police officers. I have MS,suffered from lower back pain….I am now taking my certification to become an instructor…also,yesterday,2 very large men came into class…low and behold,they were NFL football player’s sent to class per their coaches and physical therapists advise…they stated it helped them with their core(which has everything to do with posture,everything!) and their injuries and they were becoming better NFL player’s. I would have never guessed that our core muscled…rectus abdominals,oliques,tranverse abdominals and poor posture,and corrected that via pilates was the answer. But after taking classes and now becoming certified and learning the history behind the pilates method…..it is the only true way to correct posture. Period! Strong abs,lower back=proper posture. It does not get better by a new mattress or traditional PT. I can testify to this. Research Joseph Pilates and give it a shot. You can buy dvd’s and do it at home,with the instructor on the dvd telling you the proper spinal alignments to work on to reach neutral spine….the cost of a dvd,and a mat…..not much.. There are studios also,as I am sure you are all aware,but if pressed for cash…learn this at home…I urge you!

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