The Ultimate List of Nurse Blogs and Social Media Accounts to Follow

The Ultimate List of Nurse Blogs and Social Media Accounts to Follow

The blogoshpere is booming with passionate and entertaining nurse bloggers. I’ve seen a few lists that compile the best nurse blogs or the top nurses to follow on twitter, pinterest, and even Google plus. However, I’ve never seen a single location where you can find a comprehensive list of nursing blogs and their social media accounts. It goes without saying that nurses who blog are also active on social media so why not get everything together in one location?

I present to you “The Ultimate List of Nurse Blogs and Social Media Accounts to Follow”

The Nerdy Nurse
Nurse Journal
Nursing Show
The Gypsy Nurse
The Nursing Site Blog
Confident Voices in Healthcare
Nursing From Within
Digital Doorway
Business Skills For Nurse...Made Simple!
The Nurse Teacher
The Essential Nurse
Dr. Rachel's NP Blog
The Balanced Nurse
The Bossy Nurse
Exceptional Nurse
Minding the Bedside
International Nurse Support
The IV League Blog
Empowered Nurses
Your Nurse Attorney
Pathfinder's Living Healthy Blog
T-Tech Nurse

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing most of the nurses included in this nurse blog list for many years now. They are inspiring and highly talented nurse writers. Many of them participate in the  Nurse Blog Carnival which helps to create and curate a monthly series of highly relevant and interested blog posts.

Are you a nurse blogger? Would you like to be included in this list?

Complete the form. We’ll vet your blog and your accounts and if you make they cut we’ll add you to the list.

Don’t see your favorite blog listed? Tell us who you think should be added in the comments below.


  1. says

    I’m really grateful for your time, effort and direction to promote the nursing profession. Your work as a nurse and social media expert contributes to our profession’s cohesiveness and collaborative partnership with one another. I’m honored to have the opportunity to be included with such fabulous nursing content creators. Many thanks for having this superb resource available for nurses to continue networking and discovering other nursing content creators. Ultimately, the medical and health information obtained produces improved patient outcomes, and for that I thank you!

  2. bethboynton80539889 says

    Thanks for including “Confident Voices in Healthcare” Blog in this wonderful Ultimate List! I remember our phone conversation of over 3 years ago now and how helpful you were in my transition from newsletter to blogging. I also have the pleasure of knowing and working with many of these Nurse Bloggers in cyberspace and feel a growing sense of collaboration among us. It is very exciting to me to be part of a nursing ‘force’ that is promoting our profession with respect and positive light. Not only to we have resources and opportunities to share with other nurses, but we are also role-modeling a spirit of teamwork and appreciation for diversity. We are all leaders and followers! I love it and am grateful for your leadership.


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