RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care

Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Scala


The life of a nurse is a challenging one. We go into the profession with a desire to help and care, but is that what we do once we are in the day-to-day work? Nursing can be stressful and there is so much other “stuff” that goes on. The short staffing, budget cuts, fiscal pressures, regulations, policies, politics, unhappy co-workers, difficult patients, challenging personalities… the list could go on and on.

We find ourselves thinking:

I went into this profession to care, help, and heal- why can’t I do that with my patients?

I thought I’d touch lives, make an impact, and help create changes- how come I don’t have time for it all?

I’m barely surviving… I’m exhausted, drained, and fed up. I’ve had enough!”

While working to make changes in our workplace, in our departments, and at our institutions is crucial to our healthy work environments- we also can do some things on a very personal level to help us cope with stressors, handle changes, and making a lasting impact with our patients.

· Support: Healthcare has become more of a business which can lead to irritable co-workers, low morale, and negative, unhealthy environments. We’ve got to surround ourselves with like-minded, positive, and supportive professionals that will empower and lift us up. Instead of gossiping, complaining, or turning to substances to ease our troubles, why not join a healthy and upbeat community where we can feel rejuvenated, restored, and renewed? When we surround ourselves with positive people, the positive person inside of us is able to thrive.

· Health knowledge: In times of fast-paced advances in technology, information overload, and new trends which change by the week- it’s hard to keep up with all of the medical knowledge! Not only that, but it’s difficult to know what is “right” for ourselves and our patients. Our patients are out there educating themselves as well- through the internet, the media, and each other. So why not find a place where you can learn about healthy, holistic, and complementary modalities that are safe and effective for our patients? How about looking for some ideas on how to cope with, handle, and decrease our own stress levels?

· Self-care: The only way to make a change is to change ourselves. If we want healthcare as a whole to overhaul and become this enjoyable environment where we love our work and the patients are healing- we’ve got to heal and help ourselves first. How can we impact change if we are tired, stressed, irritable, or sick? What impact can we make if we don’t even feel like it? It’s time for us to get healthy, live healthy, and stay healthy so that we can better help our patients and work places.

· Have fun: If we don’t enjoy it; it just isn’t going to get done. We will avoid, procrastinate, and ultimately not do it. When we feel our whole body smile- from the inside out- we enjoy ourselves. When we are having fun, life is that much easier.

Where can we go to find all of these things that will impact our health and happiness, ultimately impacting our profession?

I’m proud to share that I’m hosting my third virtual conference for nurses. The past two have been super enjoyable, very energizing, and left me with some lifelong relationships and support! It’s called the RejuveNation Collaboration: A Balanced Dose of Self-Care
And a balanced dose of self-care it is… The series has 14 interactive webinar workshops that are diverse and unique in topic content… so that everyone finds something for them! We have speakers from across the nation. We have mini-meditation breaks each day, a secret Facebook group for interaction and support, a series reflection workbook, and more. I just LOVE this event! I really hope you’ll join us.

Here is the page where folks can find out more and register:
And then here is a one-page flyer that could be easily shared: .

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Elizabeth “Coach” Scala is The Balance Coach. The Coach to Call When You’re READY to Make Yourself #1. Want to Set & Reach Your Health Goals: or Like Her on Facebook


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    Totally agree that in order to heal you have to be healthy yourself. We may not all be “health freaks”, I guess I am a little over weight for instance. But I have a healthy mind and that helps when I am dealing with patients.
    Thanks for the support

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