Streamlining Your Meds

Guest Blogger: Jenna


If you or someone you love has to deal with renewable prescriptions, you know how frustrating this seemingly simple procedure can be. You’ll find that the drugs simply aren’t available, or the doctor has not called the prescription in, or something else has happened where you cannot get the medicine that you require in a timely fashion. When you are sick and tired of waiting for your prescription, make sure that you consider these steps:

Go automatic

Ask the pharmacy to see if it has an automatic filling procedure. Many pharmacies have taken on the burden of refilling your prescription on a standard schedule and then calling you about it. If you have trouble remembering when to call, or if your pharmacy sometimes have issues providing you with the drugs that you need because they have run out for the day, this is a good choice.

Look for discount programs

Check into discount programs. There is no getting away from the fact that prescriptions can be pricey, and when you are paying out the cost every month, the prices can mount up. If you have not already, make sure that you consider Big Apple Rx Program. This program allows you to take a certain amount off of your prescriptions every month, and the resulting savings can be intense.

Call your doctor in advanceimage

Call your doctor two weeks before your refills run out. The pharmacy cannot give you your medication without a doctor’s okay, and sometimes, it is easy to forget. If you can, ask someone to remind, set an email reminder or simply mark it off on your calendar. Ask them to phone in a prescription for you, and ask them when they are going to do it. Be prepared to call back several times if the office is particularly busy or disorganized.

Online pharmacy

Consider going to an online pharmacy. Not only are pharmacies online frequently more inexpensive than brick and mortar pharmacies, you can frequently get several-months’ supply at once. This is a good way to take the guesswork out of whether or not your prescriptions will be available when you need them. When you are dealing with online pharmacies, make sure that they are reputable, and that you get your order in in a timely fashion.

Filling prescriptions can be a real chore, and nothing is more frustrating than when medicine that you need for your health is unavailable, so take steps to ensure that you will get the results that you need from your chosen pharmacy.

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  1. Nici says

    I disagree with the bullet point of calling the Dr. office and then bugging them with repeated calls. First off in most offices these days there is a recording to call pharmacy for refills! There is a reason for this 1. Half the time pts get the RX wrong and we need to know last fill date. Even if thete are no refills remaining on a RX it is preferred the pt calls the pharmacy and NOT the DR office. From there the refill request is faxed or send by escribe where we can grant or deny the refills based on requirements. By calling the Dr office o.nce doesnt seem like a big deal it is when all the pts call and then call repeatedly.

    Please inform pts to set up auto refills and if theyre not available to contact the pharmacy for assistance.

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