Are You Living a Secret Life Online?

imageIn the not too distant past I had a very good friendship with someone I had met online. We talked once a week. I wrote for her blog. Heck, she event sent me to Las Vegas to attend CES. She sent me gifts. She cared about my future and my success. She asked about my child and family. She event talked to my husband once or twice.

We were friends for over a year and during this time she told me about all the fabulous things that were a part of her life. She was a fashion executive for a major department store. She took her entire extended family on exotic vacations. She cooked everyday and drove a $500,000 Mercedes… well actually I guess her driver drove the half-million dollar Mercedes.

Yea… she had a driver…

And I believed her.

Really, looking back, I probably shouldn’t have. But I’ll blame in on my trusting nature. I assume, sometimes foolishly, that since I am an honest person and am myself online, then others are doing the same. But I know, just like most others, that this isn’t always the case.

But when someone makes an effort to befriend you and tells you about their life, what kind of person are you if you doubt them?

I once thought that would make you a cynic. I now think that it makes you a realist.

Online you can be anyone you want and exploit it as much as you’d like.

I often think people start this behavior randomly. They might feel lonely or depressed and go online looking for friendship and social interaction. They get wrapped up in the fake world they have created and get so deep in it they just can’t find their way back to reality. This is what happened in the movie Catfish and is happening more and more often with the rise of the use of social media.Now Nev Schulman is giving the people who are creating fake realities online a chance to tell their stories.

If you are someone who has created a false reality online, then MTV is looking for you! 

Are you currently using a fake profile on sites or phone apps like
Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid, TextPlus, Blendr, Grindr, Tumblr, Plenty of
Fish, etc?? Has someone fallen for your online alter-ego?
•       Do you spend hours talking or texting with someone you met online?
Are you afraid to meet them because you haven’t
been completely honest?
•       Are you in a long distance relationship with someone you’ve never
actually met in person? Have you been holding
something back from them… are you keeping a secret?
•       Do you make excuses for not meeting in person because you’ve been
avoiding telling them something? Are
you afraid they won’t accept you for who you really are?
•       Do you have a talent for creating believable fake profiles but have
gotten in too deep?
•       Are you currently using a fake profile to get to know someone you
have a crush on… or to keep track of an ex or someone your ex left you
•       Do you need help figuring out the best way to finally tell them the
truth? Are you looking for a safe way to explain
yourself and reveal the real you?

Everyone has a story to share… If ANY of these scenarios sound like you
or someone you know, then MTV wants to hear your story! We’re here to offer
support and guidance along the way.
HOW TO APPLY: Email us with your name, age, location, and best way to
contact you. Also, tell us a little about your story.


Have you had an encounter with someone who is not quite who they say they are online? Are you yourself living a fake online life?


  1. says

    I’m trusting too and have definitely learned some hard lessons about being more cautious. Give things time, don’t get too close too fast….online relationships seem to allow for a false sense of intimacy. Forgive me while I rant on for a minute, but it seems like social media is a tough place to resolve conflict and yet how we handle conflict in our relationships seems vital to developing healthy ones. So online relationships that have a F2F or even skype like basis give us a lot more info. Non verbal stuff, more accountability for what we say….

    Anyways, interesting post!

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