Blog World Expo Social Health Track: Nerdy Nurse Incoming!

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I am beyond thrilled to be attending Blog World Expo next week!

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo NY 2011

Thanks the incredible powers of social media, a terrific sponsor (Johnson & Johnson), and a fantastic nurse blogger for recommending me.

I am excited to meet with many of the bloggers that I read, including Emerigiblog, Nurse Ratched’s Place, and Pod Medic.  As part of the Social Health Track, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson’s, these three fantastic Nurse Bloggers will be presenting a session titled: Stop Being Afraid of HIPAA.

I’ve got business cards in hand, twitter in full force, and a stomach full of butterflies.

Being a nurse blogger has brought me so many fantastic opportunities. It was much of the reason I landed my current job, as a clinical informatics specialist ( the nerdiest nursing job ever!). How? Because of my blogging, and having to teach myself software (yep knowing wordpress is a marketable, resume worthy skill!) , and having a desire to learn more about all thinks geek. I’ve also had the fortunate experience of attending International CES 2011. I’ve meet fantastic people, made incredible friends, and have been able to share my love and passion for a career that I am so very proud of with the world. All of this because I got on the internet and started writing about facing lateral violence, as a nurse.

It’s proof that when you have a message that needs to get out, you should get it out! It’s proof that social media and healthcare belong together! It reminds me that there is far more good in this world than bad, and if you look for the positive, you will find it!

I get to share my passions with the world through my blog, and apparently, there are a few folks listening who actually like what I have to say. How exciting and humbling, all at the very same time. It is truly an honor to be able to have my little internet soapbox and I cannot wait to connect with you guys in person at Blog World Expo LA (Nov. 3-5, 2011).

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P.S. If you can manage to get there, or already happen to be lucky enough to live near LA, it’s not too late to register. You can still Save 20% off your BlogWorld registration now with the code BWELA20! And even if you can’t be there in person, there is a fantastic virtual ticket option that will give you online access to all the sessions and keynotes.


By the way, you should totally check out Johnson & Johnson’s Nursing Notes page on facebook. Over 60,000 fans can’t be wrong! Their Discover Nursing Website and the campaign for nursing’s future have been excellent in promoting nursing as a career.  They also have an excellent nursing scholarship search tool and a list of nursing schools without waiting lists!

Disclosure: Blog World Expo links are affiliate links. I am being sponsored by Johnson & Johnson to attend Blog World Expo. I have not been requested to write this post. The opinions stated are my own.

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