Nurses Eat Their Young : Resources for Lateral Violence

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The phenomena that is often laughed off in the nursing profession when nurses refer to it as how “Nurses Eat Their Young” is known by many other terms. These include: Bullying, Horizontal Violence, Lateral Violence, Hostile Work Environment, Harassment, Nurse to Nurse Violence,  Horizontal Hostility, and likely many more that I have not directly stated.

When you are victim experiencing lateral violence it is very easy to attempt to write the treatment you are receiving off a necessary due you must pay in order to join the nursing profession.

It’s not.

Lateral violence is an issue that hinders nurses from reaching their full potential as professionals. It takes up valuable clinical time that can be spent on patient care. And it often forces many excellent and skilled individuals to leave the nursing profession. It is unacceptable and as nurses we should see it as an embarrassment.

If you have landed on this page, you may be unsure if what you are experiencing is part of bullying in nursing. If you are unsure, then likely you are experiencing it. The incidences can ranges from mild to severe, but learning what you’re rights are, and what you can do to combat this injustice is the first step you can take towards helping the nursing profession to scrub this stain free from our image.

On his page I will attempt to group and arrange the resources I have found for myself and any reader submitted resources including articles, laws, and professional standards in a list below. These resources range from Books, Articles, Websites, Blogs, and Discussion Forums. Some of the articles even include CE credits.  Resources listed as “Articles” were intended to be specific to those that could be utilized for scholarly research and writing.

Lateral  Violence Resources for Nurses





Forum Discussions

Posts on This Blog:

I will continue to add to this list as additional links and resources are brought to my attention. Please feel free to comment below with any additional information, links, or insight you have on the matter.

Nurses need to support each other in order to progress as professionals.

We need to Stop Nurses Eating Their Young!

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I just wanted to thank you for all of the resources, articles, comments. I wrote you when the nurses eat their young article was posted on medscape. You were so kind and gave me a lot of good advice. I told you about a nurse who was all 6 categories of bully in one, and how my boss was her "best friend", so i was considering leaving. My decision was finalized when she was voted Nurse of the Year by my boss, much to the shock of our entire dept and the entire hospital. All know she is a mean bully. her award solidified to me that nothing was going to change, so I go back to my busy urban ER at the end of the month.


I am a new nurse & I have been the victim of bullying, not by another nurse, but one of the senior unit secretaries who thinks she runs the place at night. I spoke up! Now things are better. Time will tell, but, as my first nursing job, I will likely transfer to something non-med/surg after my year 1 is up (I haz dreams). But, the point is to speak up! This should NEVER be tolerated by anyone.

The Nerdy Nurse
The Nerdy Nurse

Isn't that just wild?
A confirmation that in being a boss you cannot be best friends with your employees, IMHO Also a confirmation to the bully nurse that they can do whatever they darn well please, which will make that nurse dangerous and likely feel without consequence which is SCARY! You can and should be friendly with your employees... best friends, NO! Too many opportunities for nonsense to occur, as you have enlightened us on a particular example of.
However, I am touched and honored that you follow my blog and if I was in help in any way, I am thrilled.
Blogging about nursing, lateral violence, and my life in general have empowered me to face many obsticals that I don't otherwise feel I would have been able to.
It seems like the Urban ER is where you really need/want to be. Life has a funny way, sometimes, of getting us to go where we need to. Sometimes, unfortunately that involved bullies.
I believe that you will find in the future, as I have that, that even though the treatment you experienced was wrong on so many levels, YOU are strong enough to grow from it and be a better person and nurse because of it.
Keep me updated on how things are once you return to your urban ER.

The Nerdy Nurse
The Nerdy Nurse

Isn't it funny how the secretaries can be some of the biggest bullies!
As time progresses I have confidence that you're experiences will improve. Completely agree that it is VITAL to speak up!