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Take a Bite Out of Needle Pain with Buzzy on Shark Tank

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Buzzy is a small vibrating device that looks like a bumble bee and is paired along with a small wing-shaped ice pack. Used together, the ice pack and the vibrations work together to provide pain management for needle sticks. At first I thought what Amy was describing was merely distraction, but it’s actually some pretty deep scientific stuff that is backed by clinical trials and years and years of research (and a ton of happy customer testimonials).

7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

7 Ways Nurses Can Use Social Media for Career Success

There are many blog posts and articles touting the benefits of social media. However, there are few blog posts outlining the career benefits of social media for nurses. This is the post you that answers the question “Can nurses use social media for career success?”

100 Twitter Feeds Every Nurse Should Follow

Finding nurses to follow on twitter can be a challenge. While a simple search may reveal tweeters who have “nurse”, “RN”, “BSN”, or another term associated with nursing, it can be difficult to tell if that person actually tweets about nursing. And even more frustrating is to actually find tweeters that tweet routinely and about nursing related topics.

Petition! Petition! Mandate Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Full Practice Authority

You may have received the following request (or something similar) in your inbox on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and the like: Mandate Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) full practice authority

The link takes you to a petition directed to the White House. The petition hopes to raise public awareness about APRNs and the barriers to their full practice authority. These practice barriers vary by state and include inability to prescribe medication without physician collaboration, inability to order imaging studies, inability to initiate home care, and inability to be a patient’s primary care provider of record.

Tips From a Nurse: How to Pass the NCLEX Exam

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You’re here because you want to pass the NCLEX-RN exam, right? If you don’t then you can continue Googling about One Direction or continue reading and pass the information to someone you know who’s itching to be RN-ized.

In line with my topic, allow me to brag just a tid bit. I passed the NCLEX-RN exam in one take. Some of you might think, “Oh, maybe she’s uber intelligent that’s why she passed the exam in one take”. I’m not. Well, on good days (not today and not tom. either), I can do the Fibonacci sequence. *flips hair back*

6 Reasons Why Nurses Should Use Social Media

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Social media offers many benefits to it’s users. Nurses in particular have the ability to gain many skills that can improve their nursing practice by using social media. While many in healthcare fear social media for various reasons, there is greater good that can come of it for healthcare as a whole.

An Open Letter to Nev Schulman, Star of Catfish


I watched your documentary. I’m sorry for your experience. I myself experienced something very similar, except luckily for me, I am female and it was not a matter of the heart. I don’t understand how someone can completely transform themselves into someone else online and keep up with multiple identities, but they do. You’re not alone. It’s unfortunate, but I think your story is far more common than we realize. Most are probably too embarrassed to admit it it. Too proud to say they were deceived. But that’s what makes us human, honest, and able to live with integrity.

The Effect of an Aging Nurse Workforce on the Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

While many new grad nurses are struggling to find their first job, it seems that the nursing population as a whole is aging. Although, the folks at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics need only do a quick google search or browse slightly on linked in to find gobs of young nurses sink their teeth into their first nursing gig. Twitter is filled with many new grads eager to nurse as well. So managers, there are grads, they want to work,and they’d love to hear from you! Use social media for it’s benefits, because based upon this infographic, there are areas that do have shortages of nurses, or will have them soon.

Being an Advocate Means Being a Target

Being a nurse involved with social media certainly has its challenges. Once you get over the fear of losing your job for your blog or twitter account, there is a honeymoon period. During this time you feel empowered and exhilarated by your ability to have a voice and make an impact online. You use this voice to make an impact on the issues that matter to you and your profession.

True advocacy means making a difference

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