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Registered Nurse Salary – How Much Does an RN Make?


Nursing is definitely one of the most selfless and giving professions there is. And most often, associating any monetary gains in a profession that centers around care and selflessness is frowned upon. However, if we are honest, nursing is morally, mentally and emotionally satisfying, but that isn’t going to pay the bills. Nor is it going to make up for the amount you had to spend in the first place to earn a nursing degree. Just like every other profession, nurses also have to consider pay when looking for work. And of course, your next question is most definitely going to be – “how much does an RN make?” Hopefully, this article can shed some light on what registered nurses are, how to become a registered nurse, and how much registered nurses can earn.

A $1 Million Cap on a Nonprofit Hospital CEOs Salary Could Mean 90 More Nurses on Staff


An article discussing the CEO salaries of Midwest hospitals was interesting to me for several reasons. In the article Nonprofit hospital CEO salaries in the Midwest: Who’s on top?. Randall O’Donnell who is the CEO at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics; Kansas City, Missouri, makes a cool $6 million a year.

That’s a $6 million salary at an organization that is nonprofit. The organization may be called a nonprofit, but the CEO certainly ain’t going hungry.

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