How to Study Pharmacology

How to Study Pharmacology

As noble as the profession is of being a nurse, the process of becoming one isn’t a cakewalk. A subject as critical as pharmacology is dreadful enough to steal your night’s sleep. Every nursing student will agree on how daunting it is to study pharmacology.

Nurse Symbols: The Origin and the History

Nurse Symbols - The Origin and the History

We see nurse symbols around us all of the time, and we likely don’t think twice about them. The symbols are on nursing pins, medical jewelry, scrub tops, pens, and badge holders. Some of us may have even used them at our pinning ceremony without comprehending the reason behind them. We know that they indicate a nurse, but do we know where they come from? Do we know what they mean?

Physician Assistant Vs Nurse Practitioner – What’s the difference?

Physician Assistant Vs Nurse Practitioner - What’s the difference?

This healthcare team is composed of members from different health allied courses such as doctors, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists, physical therapists, and many more, etc. In particular, both physician assistants and nurse practitioners hold an advanced role in providing direct patient care. We can tell that PA’s and NP’s are similar and different at the same time.

10 Ways to Describe the C Diff Smell

Being able to identify the C Diff smell is almost a right of passage in nursing. I’ve heard the C Diff smell described in so many ways. The most thing I’ve heard nurses says is “C diff smells sweet.”

The Perfect Nurse Lunch Bag

The Perfect Nurse Lunch Bag

Nurses are generally known to be hard workers who are on their feet all day attending to the needs of others. Since they’re “on the go” most of the time, they need equipment that will work as hard as they do – including their lunch bags! You can’t just use any old brown bag as a nurse lunch bag. The perfect nurse lunch bag has features that go perfectly well with most nurses’ routines, and here are some of them:

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