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Nurses Eat Their Young : Resources for Lateral Violence

  The phenomena that is often laughed off in the nursing profession when nurses refer to it as how “Nurses Eat Their Young” is known by many other terms. These include: Bullying, Horizontal Violence, Lateral Violence, Hostile Work Environment, Harassment, Nurse to Nurse Violence,  Horizontal Hostility, and likely many more that I have not directly stated. When you are victim experiencing lateral violence it is very easy to attempt to write the treatment you are receiving off a necessary due you must pay in order to …

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Nurses and the Bullying Experience: Lateral Violence

I’ve written about lateral violence (the act of nurses being bullies) frequently in the past. To be completely honest, I hate that this is something that I even know about, and especially felt the need to write about. Not because I don’t think the issue should be addressed, but its just completely absurd that it exists at all. The jokes and mumbling under their breath that many state about how Nurses Eat Their Young is a sad state of what trivial boundaries make it difficult for …

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Lateral Violence in Nursing : Nurses Being Bullies

This sounds absurd, doesn’t it? I wish I could tell you that the myths that nurses eat their young are just myths. But sadly, I cannot tell you that. I wish I could tell you that your coworkers will be supportive of you and your patients and helpful and considerate. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that either. I wish I could tell you that my first years as a nurse were wonderful, happy times, and I learned a lot. Two out of those three are wrong …

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Minimize the Powerpoint Utilizing Education to Stop Nurse Horizontal Violence

Minimize the Powerpoint: Utilizing Education to Stop Nurse Horizontal Violence

The history of nursing is a relatively complicated tale filled with twists, turns, and not to mention a few hurdles creating a drastically different landscape from even a decade ago. The lamps have been put away, and white caps are gathering dust under beds. We now wear scrubs made of awesome flexible and stain resistant fabric, obtain PhDs, and travel. Bullying, on the other hand, seems to be cemented into the foundation of nursing. Despite increasing awareness and numerous measures to combat it, peer bullying (often referred to as lateral or horizontal violence) remains a part of nursing and exists within all levels of the profession. The question of why remains. Why has nothing we have tried succeeded in eradicating this issue?

Act Like a Pro: Owning Your Expertise Confidently

Be confident in your area of expertise. You are an authority, so own it.
Forrest Gump said “Now, it used to be I ran to get where I was going. I never it thought it would take me anywhere.” Blogging is to The Nerdy Nurse like Forest Gump it to Running.
I am an expert in using social media to promote innovation in healthcare and technology because I live and breathe it everyday. I am an expert on lateral violence and the methods to be used to combat it because I experience it first hand, have spent countless hours researching the phenomena, and know the legal implications a company can face if they allow it to happen. I am an expert because my passion in the areas of nursing and technology has forced me to constantly strive to promote innovations to help nurses and medical professionals work smarter not harder.

Autonomy in Nursing: How to Have it Stolen From You

Nursing is the first job I have ever had where a “boss” was not constantly breathing down my neck. I get to plan my day and do things as I see fit. I have the ability to use clinical judgment skills to decide to give and hold medications. I have the right, ability, and duty to question inaccuracies in care. I also have the right to be able to practice as a nurse without being placed under a microscope by others.

—Yes, another post about bullying, mobbing, horizontal violence, lateral violence,how nurses eat their young, or whatever term you want to phrase when a nurse is constantly targeted.

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Nursing’s Dirty Little Secret: Nurse Bullying, Can Hospitals Resolve the Issue?

Lateral Violence is all too common in the workplace. Thankfully more and more are insisting this issue no longer remain a secret, but instead are doing everything they can to bring this issue to light and make sure that all nurses know how to stop being a victim of nurse bullying. Today’s guest post by Marie A. Castronovo MS, RN, FNP-BC proposes to hold hospitals financially and publicly accountable for resolving nurse bullying. Nursing’s Dirty Little Secret: Nurse Bullying Nurse bullying has been called “nursing’s dirty …

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Nurses Eat Their Young

Nurses Eat Their Young – How to Stop Being a Victim of Nurse Bullying

Nurses eat their young. If you’re a nurse and haven’t experienced, you likely know someone who does. When I speak about social media and talk about how my bullying experience lead me to find community and connections with nurses online, I always have nurses who approach me after my talk to confide in me their bullying experiences. This happens without fail. I am thankful to make connections with my audience, but it saddens me that this is often the area that sparks a deeper connection.

Becoming Nursey

Becoming Nursey: The Inspiration Behind the Book

We’re all in this together; it should not be a fight for survival for new nurses. It’s a team working together towards the same goal – to give every patient remarkable and supportive care and support each other in doing that. Patients may forget your name, but they will never forget how you cared for them. And that starts with caring for each other.

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Ending Nurse Bullying: “Freire Style”

Nurse bullying is a problem. But is it a new problem? The answer is no. Humans treating humans with disrespect has been documented since we walked on two feet instead of four. I’m sure there is a caveman drawing somewhere depicting bullying behavior. Although I’d like to believe we’ve evolved a bit since the caveman era, humans treating humans badly still exists.

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