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Keep Your Devices Alive with the Griffin PowerDock 5

When you have a family that is addicted to devices like we are getting power back into each one is important to keep the peace. There’s nothing worse than a 4 year who wants to play Minecraft but has 0% battery life on his iPad. That would usually be the point where he picks up his foam Minecraft sword and wants to act out the game with me in real life… and oh yea, I’m a creeper. But since we’ve have our Griffin PowerDock 5 centrally located, and at an accessible height, he just plugs it right in on his own and I no longer have to be bludgeoned.

What does an orthopedic nurse do?

What Does An Orthopedic Nurse Do?

What does an orthopedic nurse do? Learn everything you need to know about this in-demand nursing specialty including orthopedic nurse certification requirements, salary, typical duties, and much more.  Orthopedic nursing is a growing and popular field of nursing that’s more than simply treating broken bones. It’s a diverse field that focuses on helping patients who suffer from a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, diseases, and disorders.  So what does an orthopedic nurse do? The specialty of orthopedic nursing treats patients who suffer from: Bone fractures Broken …

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