Inspiring Quotes, Great Tips, and Awesome Nurse Bling [Scrubs Magazine Round Up]

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I’ve teamed up with Scrubs Magazine to make sure you get an awesome dose of nursing content. Each month I’ll be rounding up some of my favorite articles and sharing them with you. This month is all about appreciating being a nurse, ways to improve your nursing, and cool nursing bling. I’ve also include a few extra bonus article just in case you are thirsty for more nurse-blog goodness.

Take a peek at these awesome Scrubs Magazine articles and let me know what you think.

Optimizing Your Medical Facility


Nowadays medical offices are some of the busiest places around. With hundreds of patients each day, as well as pharmaceutical representatives, or other people who aid in the business of medicine, it can be extremely overwhelming. But with healthcare it is essential that there is a high level of organization to help the doctors, nurses, and administrators who work there.

Apps For Moms: iPhone and iPad App Review


Apps for Moms is a lifestyle iOS App that helps busy moms find appealing and interesting apps to populate their iPhones and iPads with. The apps are categorized for quick and easy access to the apps that interest and would be beneficial to you. Apps for Moms is a great tool to get your Apple iDevice filled with colorful icons that will make you giddy to slide to unlock and participate in the magic of your capacitive touch gadget.