Meaningful Use – Fraud or Frenzy

Guest Blogger: Mike Jenkins

image001Robert Rowley downloaded the CMS data on Meaningful Use and did an interesting analysis in his article about EHR vendor strength.  I was intrigued, so I downloaded the same data, created a pivot table or two, and did my own analysis.

As the CEO of a growing EMR business, I was curious to see how we did.  What I found was quite scary.   74% of the providers who attested for CMS funds using our system were NOT OUR CUSTOMERS.  Attesting for Stage 1, in some cases, only requires the provider to show they signed an agreement with an EMR vendor to install their products.  Yet, I did not expect the results to be this fraudulent.

I’m not completely cynical.  It is totally possible the data is wrong.  It is conceivable those attesting  selected the wrong product name because they were in a hurry.   At least one provider did this two years in a row.  Although I can prove the attestation numbers for my company reflect 74% are not my customers, I struggle to believe this is the average for all companies.   To assume my taxes have contributed to a total payout of $7.4b Medicare where $5.4b of this is fraudulent is simply too much to wrap my head around.

I encourage other EMR vendors to review this data and validate their own results.

About the Author

Mike Jenkins is the CEO of  BuildYourEMR offers a cloud-based EMR that adapts to your needs in less than a day.  BuildYourEMR offers DirectEMR, a Direct Project-enabled solution that bolts onto any EMR to share healthcare information and meet the Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives.

Prior to joining BuildYourEMR, Mike grew a healthcare services team from 4 to 50 consultants that delivered the highest profits in the history of the company.  In his spare time, Mike teaches a PMP Certification course, improves, and is his Unit’s Eagle Scout advisor.

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