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Macular Degeneration: What You Need to Know

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Macular degeneration is a condition characterized by the loss of vision and other serious symptoms. Often resulting in total vision loss and other complications, there are two types of this illness: dry macular degeneration and wet macular degeneration. While dry macular degeneration progresses slowly and is often associated with age, wet degeneration, though less common, is typically more severe in nature, as it usually appears abruptly and progresses at a rapid pace.

The Link Between Pregnancy and Acne

Ask any woman with more than one child and she will tell you that no two pregnancies are ever the same. Many women experience a variety of symptoms during their pregnancy, from morning sickness to strange cravings. However, there is one other common issue that many women probably don’t even realize is related to pregnancy: acne. If you’re pregnant and suffering with severe acne breakouts, you might be looking for a safe, natural and effective way to treat the issue without causing any potential complications. Before starting any treatments, or continuing with your pre-pregnancy routine, learn about the potential dangers associated with several common acne medications and topical creams.

Avoiding Common Leg and Back Problems

Back pain and leg pain are incredibly common – it’s probably why it is one of the most commonly ignored type of pain. But then again, it’s incredibly annoying and it has one of the highest rate of recurrence. So far so good, it seems like there’s nothing to really worry about here – but should you do something about it?

5 Dirty Little Secrets About Hospitals – Namely, About the Dirt

dirty hospital bed

If you’re feeling sick, you may schedule an appointment to see your doctor or visit a hospital emergency room. However, before you head to the nearest medical facility, consider whether you can self-treat at home. Understandably, some medical issues necessitate a hospital or doctor visit. These include a fracture, chest pains and other sudden, intense symptoms. But if you’re suffering from a common ailment, such as a sore throat, a cough or flu-like symptoms, there is another alternative.

Picture of Mental Health [Infographic]

mental illness mental health infographic

With the recent tragedies we are all unfortunately familiar with there has been an increased interest in mental health. We are starting to pay attention to the conditions that can make daily life a challenge for many. With about 25 percent of American adults reporting moderate to severe mental health issues there is no denying that most who read this infographic are touched by mental health directly or indirectly. Having an increased understanding can help us all to better cope with each other.

Where a Master of Health Administration Can Take You

Master’s degrees vary in their usefulness, but it’s safe to assume that most individuals who pursue the Master of Health Administration (MHA) come out with a pertinent degree that qualifies them for a variety of careers that are both within their chosen sphere and on the front lines of influencing, shaping and developing public health issues. The fact is, jobs in the health care field are experiencing a surge in numbers, growth which isn’t likely to slow any time soon. Now more than ever, advanced degree-holders, especially in management and leadership, will find that they have varied options and career paths from which to choose, and MHA graduates are no exception. If you’re interested in pursuing public health administration, making a difference in how we treat people and desire a career that, let’s be honest, pays well, consider where an MHA can take you and your career goals.

Want to Get Healthy? There’s an App for That! [Infographic]

Smart phones are being used to improve lives in a variety of ways. One of the most impressive and necessary are in the heath industry. Rather than just having a doctor or nurse help keep patients in line with healthy living standards and promote exercise and good eating habits on a daily basis.

The following infographic features a range of healthy apps that focus on healthy eating, exercising, and healthy rest.

Driving Buzzed Could Cost You a Pot of Gold [Infographic]

Buzzed Driving Could Cost You $10,000 Six Tips to Prevent Driving Buzzed on St. Patrick's Day

With St Patrick’s Day on the horizon, and visions green beer dancing in the heads of many, it is important that you don’t forget yourself in the heat of the moment. Be smart and don’t drive drunk or buzzed. Have a designated driver or stay where you are at. If saving lives and being an responsible adults isn’t enough reason for you to avoid buzzed or drunk driving, the following infographic shows how it can cost you a pot gold. Well… maybe not a pot. Gold is pretty expensive these day, but surely it’d be several ounces.

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