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Becoming an Informatics Nurse: Going Beyond the Bedside

When I discovered nursing informatics, it was like a dream come true. I was completing my BSN coursework, and I began researching options to further my education in nursing. I realized fairly quickly that I wasn’t interested in most of the education pathways that many of my nursing peers were following. Somewhere in the midst of that research I stumbled onto “Nursing Informatics” and I knew it was for me. The stars aligned, the angels sang, and the fascinating world of healthcare information technology became my goal.

7 Tips to Be a Successful Clinical Informatics Nurse

Again the names of clinical informatics nurses vary. You may be called an informatics nurse, an analyst, a nurse informaticist, information technology nurse support, or any number of titles. Your role in nursing is going to be altered, but still very impactful to the patients in the community you serve.

Integrity & Clinical Judgement: You Can’t Buy it at Walmart

You expect a nurse to have integrity and use good clinical judgement, but not every one does. It’s even possible that not everyone can. Judgement is subjective, and even though the it is the goal for any prudent nurse to give the same level of care as another, it just doesn’t always happen that way.

Translator for Nurses Who Don’t Speak Geek: Nurse Informaticists

I want to be a translators for nurses who don’t speak geek. I want to be a translator for geeks who don’t seek nurse. Somewhere in the nerdy nursing middle of all of this, we will all help to facilitate excellence in patient care. We will deliver safe and effective care, we will find a balance between technology and technical, and we will all be enhancing the quantity and quality of the lives of the patients in our community.

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