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Nurse Lifestyle

The Nurse Lifestyle is complex. We wear have different priorities, wear different clothes, and have a different perspective on the world than “normal” people. The Nurse Lifestyle category focuses on topics devoted to improving the lifestyle of nurses.

How to Create the Perfect Registered Nurse Resume

How to Create the Perfect Registered Nurse Resume -fb

Creating the perfect registered nurse resume can be a challenge, especially for graduate nurses. It is difficult to make a resume stand out in the crowd if you have had little to no healthcare experience. However, you can get creative and in the process become more confident with the skills and expertise you do posses while highlighting them in an manner than will increase your likelihood of landing the job.

How to Prevent Corona Virus

How to Prevent Corona Virus

We have the solution you have been waiting for! Seriously. WASH YOUR HANDS. Don’t make this weird. Other Corona Virus Prevention Tips Is it really that simple? No. But, handing washing is the big one. A study has shown that Corona Virus can live on some surfaces for up to 72 hours, so the major …

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50+ Cheesy Nurse Pickup Lines

10 Cheesy Nurse Pickup Lines

Maybe it’s for a date, or perhaps you just need to entertain your co-workers and friends, but good nurse pickup lines are hard to find. Believe it or not, the best way to impress a potential date is to make them laugh.

13 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

13 Work from Home Nursing Jobs

Working from home can really be a godsend. Working in the convenient setting of your home, the ability to take breaks when you want to, no senior executive breathing down your neck to get the job done, the freedom to work the hours you want and all the while be there for your family when they really need you.  Working from home is indeed an ideal situation. But is working from home possible in all professions, especially healthcare?

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