9 Nerdy Novelties

9 Nerdy Gift Ideas and Novelties

In high school nerds are obsessing over their hobbies, writing code, reading, and doing other things that will often make them wealthy adults.

Fortunately, that disposable income in adulthood can come with some perks. One of my personal favorites is all the nerdy novelties that once can acquire. Some of our favorites are listed below.

How To Pick The Right Travel Nursing Recruiter

Nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the healthcare industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that that there are 2.7 million nurse practitioners in the healthcare industry and the number is expected to grow by 57% in 2020.

Nursing jobs have also been projected to grow quicker than average growth expected among other occupations in the U.S.

4 Benefits to Working Locum Tenens

According to a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research, almost one in four physicians are currently working or have worked as a locum tenens provider, taking advantage of the various benefits the practice alternative provides. What’s more, the findings indicate three out of four physicians are considering taking a locum tenens assignment in the future. Sponsored by CHG Healthcare Services, the study polled 1,000 providers from around the country.

Nurses Online for Nurses Offline [Infographic]

Nurses Online for Nurses Offline [Infographic]

Nurs3w are coming together online to discuss many aspects of their careers. We share funny stories, tragedies, what we’ve learned, and what we hope to learn. There are many forums, facebook groups, and other large forums to connect with other nurses. There are also great nursing blogs and tumblr accounts that can give more specialty specific looks at the nursing profession.

cardio workout apps free

Top 4 Apps for Cardio Fitness

With the right tools, your phone can be your personal trainer

Mobile apps can either be just another distraction, or they can help you measure progress, share motivation with friends, and stay on target with your fitness goals. Here are a few of the top smartphone cardio tools on the market, for both Android and iOS.

over the ear headphones

I-MEGO Throne – Gold: Over the Ear Headphones Review

I-MEGO Throne – Gold headphones are a stylish way to enjoy exceptional audio. In addition to their amazing sound, the I-MEGO Throne look like they are about to rock your face off. The gold tones are reminiscent of iconic microphones of the 50’s.

While I am typically not an over the ear headphone user, the Throne Gold are quickly making be a believer. Never have I owned a set of in-ear headphones that produce audio as clear as the Throne. In addition to their superior audio quality, the comfort is far superior to any in-ear bud I’ve ever used. The I-MEGO Throne are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. I have no doubt that the premium leather headband and memory foam ear pads.

macbook air

8 Reasons Why You Should Own an Ultrabook

Laptops are becoming thinner and lighter every day. The Macbook Air started a mobile revolution when Apple created a notebook a little over 1/2 inch thick and weighing less than 2.5 lbs. No one can argue that these sleek and slim computers are attractive and desirable to own just on form factor alone. However, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to upgrade to an ultrabook.

Where a Master of Health Administration Can Take You

Master’s degrees vary in their usefulness, but it’s safe to assume that most individuals who pursue the Master of Health Administration (MHA) come out with a pertinent degree that qualifies them for a variety of careers that are both within their chosen sphere and on the front lines of influencing, shaping and developing public health issues. The fact is, jobs in the health care field are experiencing a surge in numbers, growth which isn’t likely to slow any time soon. Now more than ever, advanced degree-holders, especially in management and leadership, will find that they have varied options and career paths from which to choose, and MHA graduates are no exception. If you’re interested in pursuing public health administration, making a difference in how we treat people and desire a career that, let’s be honest, pays well, consider where an MHA can take you and your career goals.

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