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Nursing is an exciting profession filled with nearly limitless opportunities and possibilities. The content including in the Become a Nurse category will explore the field of nursing including explorations of specialties, career potential, and other aspects that make nursing such an appealing career.

How To Write a Cover Letter: New Grad Nurse Tips

How To Write a Cover Letter: New Grad Nurse Tips

In this guide, you’ll learn what to include in your cover letter and how to write it. You’ll also have access to example cover letters and templates. You made it through nursing school and passed the NCLEX. Now you are trying to get a job. You’ll have to brush up on your interview skills and network like crazy. Another key part of landing a job as a new nurse grad is writing a killer cover letter. Don’t freak out in anxiety as you stare at a …

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Physician Assistant Vs Nurse Practitioner - What’s the difference?

Physician Assistant Vs Nurse Practitioner – What’s the difference?

This healthcare team is composed of members from different health allied courses such as doctors, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists, physical therapists, and many more, etc. In particular, both physician assistants and nurse practitioners hold an advanced role in providing direct patient care. We can tell that PA’s and NP’s are similar and different at the same time.

The Best Accelerated Nursing Programs

The Best Accelerated Nursing Programs

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field and you want to earn your BSN, then you need to enroll in an accelerated nursing program. These are the best accelerated nursing programs out there. It’s totally normal to change your mind after you graduate from college and want to go back and become a nurse. So many people do it that colleges started offering accelerated nursing programs to help people like you zip through some of the prereqs and get their degrees a bit …

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Nursing Resume - Must Dos to Make an Impression

Nursing Resume – Must-Dos to Make an Impression

Creating a beautiful nursing resume is critical skills if you want to land your dream nursing job. Even though there may be a bit of training on nursing resumes in nursing school, it isn’t near enough to really create a resume that will make an impression and set you apart.

The Levels of Nursing Explained

Is a career as a nurse something that you might want to do in the near future? If yes, it pays to know the different levels of nursing to really understand the track and what it takes to rise from one level to another. This guide walks you through the levels of nursing starting from being an assistant and everything that comes after that.

What is a Labor and Delivery Nurse?

For a person who is about to undergo a medical procedure, one of the most important people that he can rely on before, during and after it is a nurse. This is especially true with a labor and delivery nurse – a person whose job, when performed with utmost care and compassion, can make him or her truly unforgettable in the mind and heart of a mother. A labor and delivery nurse shouldn’t be confused with a neonatal nurse, that can often be referred to as …

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