My Husband Took My Last Name

Whenever I’m asked a unique trait or some sort of trivia about myself I seem to always forget one of the the most interesting conversation starters I have: My Husband Took My Last Name. It’s funny because when I tell people this I get one of many varied responses. The type of response usually depends on the amount of time that person has known me, but they are all interesting and worthy of remembering.

Looking for a Valentines Day Gift for the Nerd in Your Life? Look No Further

If you haven’t already lost yourself in the the retail therapy that is Think Geek, you’ve really been missing out. I myself have spent hours browsing the oddities that exist and pining for some of the cooler items of geekery.

To those that are non-nerds, us nerds may be a little difficult to buy for. But I can assure you that if you were to get that special nerd or geek in your life any of the gadgets, gizmos, or trinkets found on Think Geek, they would not be disappointed. What you may think is weird or odd, we think is downright awesome.

Anti-Cancer Virus: Destroys Cancer, Creates Zombies

A new man-made virus has been created that is actually killing cancer. This lab created virus apparently makes a bee-line straight for the cancer-cells in your body and destroys them. Interestingly enough, this was not the original intention of the virus. The hope was that the virus would seek out the cancer cells and act as a transport system to get cancer killing medication to the targeted cells.

Zombie Childrens book

Fearing Zombies and Being a Nurse

So why zombies?

Well, honestly, I encounter the dead a lot more frequently that most members of society. Its not terribly often, mind you, in fact, its usually less than one a year. However, that is still more than I would if I were not in this profession.
Every time I have performed post-mortem care I am on pins and needles. I can’t get over the nagging sensation that at any moment they could moan, groan, vomit, or leap off the bed in a feverous attempt to eat my brains.

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