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Safe Staffing: Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

Safe Staffing- Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

According to the American Nurses Association, one thing I can do is advocate for safe staffing. I will post a link below where you can take action to contribute to the solution. If you are contributing to the problem by taking unsafe number of patients, I suggest you do your homework. Find out how to report unsafe staffing, tell your charge nurse, manager, etc., that you are not comfortable taking on more than you can handle safely. Remember, it’s your license to protect!

Adequate Nursing Staff Improves Care for Heart Failure Patients

It should be common sense, but there are entire research initiatives devoted to proving that have adequate nursing staff leads to improved patient outcome. This really transcends all types of nursing through various disciplines. But just so we can have a little more research and evidence to back it up, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) had a recent research initiative that proved that “Adequate and stable nurse staffing is key to improving care.”

The Effect of an Aging Nurse Workforce on the Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

While many new grad nurses are struggling to find their first job, it seems that the nursing population as a whole is aging. Although, the folks at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics need only do a quick google search or browse slightly on linked in to find gobs of young nurses sink their teeth into their first nursing gig. Twitter is filled with many new grads eager to nurse as well. So managers, there are grads, they want to work,and they’d love to hear from you! Use social media for it’s benefits, because based upon this infographic, there are areas that do have shortages of nurses, or will have them soon.

7 Resolutions for the Nursing Profession

With the new year we make many resolutions to improve our lives. As nurses, we have the unique ability to improve the lives of others on a daily basis. However, there are many nursing issues that we as face on a daily basis. We should be focusing attention on these areas to make the nursing profession and more desirable one to be a part of. We need to band together to ensure the best patient care possible.

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