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This Nerdy Nurse Loves Wearing Glasses

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I remember the first time I was told that I needed glasses. I was in college and sitting in the back of the room. The board looked terribly fuzzy and I wasn’t quite sure if maybe I hadn’t got enough sleep or if the teacher just had terrible hand writing. I asked a few classmates around me if they were having trouble reading the board. A few of them mumbled something that was not comprehendible. Two of them gave a succinct “nope”. I was a back of the class kind of girl so I just toughed it out for the day, but I did actually want to see what was going on so I sat closer to the board the next time

Top Tips for Ordering Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses are often preferable to glasses because they’re discreet, don’t get in the way, and don’t steam up or get dirty and smudged. They’re convenient for many people, but convenience comes with a steep price. Buying contact lenses from a store can be expensive, so many turn to buying them online as a way of mitigating this price.

If you buy contact lenses online, there are some tips you need to be aware of so you can stay safe and get the best possible vision care at a low price. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Ask A Nurse: How To Find Help With Your Medical Bills

A nurse may not be your financial adviser, but nurses may be able help you make sound financial decisions that can save you hundreds, even thousands, on medical bills. Nurses play an important role in our health. Anyone who’s been admitted to a hospital knows that they are the frontliners–always there to address patient needs. But did you know that their role goes beyond changing IV fluids and taking vitals?

Help for Opioid Addiction and Recovery

Opioid drugs are either naturally-derived from the poppy plant, such as heroin, morphine, and opium, or synthetic, such as oxycontin, oxymorphone and hydromorphone. Heroin, morphine and opium are illegal, while oxycontin, oxymorphone and hydromorphone are legal with a prescription, but heavily regulated.

Buy Glasses Online Cheap – Save Hundreds of $$$ on Prescription Eyeglasses by Buying Online

zeeloo pink nerd glasses

You can buy prescription glasses online for a fraction of what you pay in a retail store!
In stereotypical nerd fashion, I am an eyeglass wearer.

One of the biggest annoyances in wearing eye glasses is the constant smudges, dirty, dust, oil, fingerprints, toddler drool, toothpaste, oatmeal and other oddities that can find their way onto my lenses. Luckily, many advances in eye wear technology are becoming available to improve our glasses wearing experiences.

Why HIPAA Laws Exist: Careless Disposal of PHI, RX pads, and Medications

While browsing the Goodwill tweeter @Potato_Chip found a box of Journal of American Medical Associations. A sweet find for an MD/PhD student right? Unfortunately, it turned out to be bittersweet though for the healthcare industry and patient advocates everywhere. In that very same box were discarded drugs, prescription pads, and ultra sound records. Many of these records, including ultrasounds, had patient identifiers or protected health information (PHI) intact.

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