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The Powershred 73Ci Cross-cut Paper Shredder by #FellowesInc is Great for Healthcare IT

healthcare IT paper shredder

The Fellowes 73Ci delivers the power and functions we need in order to keep protected health information private. In addition to the fact that it is fast and cuts up to 12 pages at once, it can also handle CDs and Credit Cards. CDs may sound like a little bit of over-kills but in healthcare the CD thing is actually pretty relevant. We often give CDs to patients with their health information on them. If we happen to have one lying around then it’s best it be shredded least it wind up in the trash by mistake.

14 Totally Awesome Office Toys and Desk Crap

When I moved from my job as a floor nurse to informatics one of the most exciting things was getting my own office. Among the many perks of cubicle life is getting to have office toys, desk crap, and other entertaining ways to personalize you space. Anyone who comes to my office will not only be able to collaborate with me to help facilitate better processes and standards in nursing documentation but also be thoroughly entertained by my fun desk paraphernalia.

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