Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes

Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes

Anyone who works on their feet all day is likely to suffer from sore feet, heel spurs, blisters, stiff legs, and back pain etc. Sound familiar? No one knows this better than nurses. And it’s just the same for women or men. Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes With the men being the minority within the …

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Top 9 Nursing Shoes for Men

Nursing Shoes for Men

More often than not, men are unjustly forgotten when it comes to nursing equipment and apparel, but not this time. Male nurses work the same long hours as their female counterparts and thus deserve their own list of comfortable nursing shoes to keep their aches and pains to a minimum. The best nursing shoes for men are subjective, but we will be detailing the most popular. Here you will find the top 10 nursing shoes for men because we don’t want the valuable 7% of the nursing workforce to be forgotten.

More than Food & Exercise: Healthy Living Past 30

The 20s are often considered some of the best times in one’s life. While having a family and children can be a rewarding experience for many men, it’s hard to forget the vitality and strength one had in his 20s. As the body ages, it can be difficult to maintain muscle mass and prevent the buildup of fat. In addition, it’s often difficult for older men to maintain the same level of energy that they had in their 20s.

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