What Does ICU Stand for?


Let’s just get this out of the way, because you probably landed on this page by Googling “What does ICU stand for?” So here’s your answer: ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit.

How to Titrate a Cardizem Drip

How to Titrate a Cardizem Drip

Many nurses are apprehensive about having to titrate a Cardizem drip. Patients who require Cardizem are usually facing life threatening conditions like A-fib and this can be very stressful to a nurse who doesn’t typically deal with this sort of condition. Depending on your floor there may actually be policies that states that you should transfer patients to critical care or intensive care units if they require titration on a Cardizem gtt. You should make sure that you are familiar with your facilities policy on the subject of Cardizem drips before you take responsibility for this nursing skill.

Nurse Tapes a Patients Mouth Shut

medical nurse tape

Two Utah nurses allegedly taped a patients mouth shut while under their care. Penny Artalejo was in the ICU after taking 20 pain pills due to extreme anxiety related to pain and nausea from a aggravated neck injury. As if living with chronic pain and anxiety weren’t enough, she was basically tortured when she was in the hospital.

This happened about a month ago, but I just noticed in on another bloggers site. Nurse Me | Silence is a Felony

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