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Career Options and Outlook for Medical Assistants

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Medical assistants are often the first line of contact between the patient and the physician, and they work in a variety of medical environments, including hospitals and private clinics. On an average day, a medical assistant could check patients in at the receptionist’s desk, perform patient interviews and record medical histories, and organize patient files. From a clinical standpoint, they could perform diagnostic tests like blood pressure and respiratory readings, collecting samples from patients, and labeling and transferring those samples to the lab.

The Doctor-Nurse Relationship: Nurses Teach Doctors More Than You Think

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Many nurses are able to carry a great sense of pride knowing that their knowledge and expertise is shared with others. In addition to helping to train an educate new nurses in the workforce, many nurses also are unofficially tasked with the role of helping to educate young doctors. Most physicians would likely agree that in their early days as doctors they learned a great deal about treating patients thanks to the wisdom and guidance of senior nurses.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back: Celebrating Nurses Weeks 2012

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Nurses week is celebrated every year from May 6th until May 12th, which is also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This static celebration has been in place since 1993 in order to facilitate better planning. This weeks serves as an opportunity to take special notice of the contributions that nurses make to the community. For a brief history on nurses week you can visit the American Nurses Association.

Meaningful Use and the Continuity of Care Document

Continuity of care documents (CCD) are a standard in electronic charting which ensures that relevant protected health information (PHI) can be shared with providers electronically and be received and used in a meaningful way.

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