Nurses Week 2019 Freebies and Giveaway

Nurses Week 2019 Freebies and Giveaway

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually from May 6 through May 12. The final day aligns with the birthday of Florence Nightingale. This week is devoted to highlighting all the ways in which registered nurses work to improve health care. To help you celebrate this wonderful week, we put together this post highlighting the best Nurses Week 2019 Freebies. We’ve also partnered with some AMAZING sponsors to bring you an incredible giveaway! Plus, there are tons of ways to get bonus entries.

Win a $4000 Nursing Scholarship or iPad Pro from Ascom

Win a $4000 Nursing Scholarship or iPad Pro from Ascom

Every nurse can relate to communication challenges within their care team. To collaborate effectively, we all need to share patient information in a secure way, including medical history, clinical observations, and photos. Whether you’re standing still or running through a hallway trying to reach a patient, it’s all about the ability to be mobile and get information as soon as possible – whenever and wherever it’s needed.


We’re Armor. We protect people and businesses by keeping their sensitive data secure – no matter where it’s stored. We do what we do because we believe by protecting healthcare organization’s data (patients, employees, company information) from those who wish to do harm makes the world a better and safer place for everyone. It’s how …


National Preparedness Month! Plus win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

National Preparedness Month is in September. This month servers to provide an opportunity to reflect on the importance of preparing for natural disasters and unexpected events. Recognizing that practices and levels of planning may vary, DrFirst put together a survey on healthcare organizations’ policies related to disaster preparedness. Their goal is to understand healthcare organizations’ …

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Share your Nursing Words of Wisdom and Fly for Free

Share Your Nursing Words of Wisdom and Fly for Free

Nursing is a career with many opportunities to learn as well as pass knowledge on to others. Throughout your years in nursing you’ve no doubt received countless words of wisdom, but do you remember the best piece of nursing advice you ever received? Now’s your chance to dig deep and find those pieces of nursing advice that have truly made a difference in your career. Use those nursing nuggets of wisdom to cash in on some free travel!

Nursing App Review: NCLEX Mastery

Luckily, there is something to address at least one of those unknown fears. Apps like NCLEX Mastery will you nursing students an opportunity to see exactly what NCLEX questions will be like. It provides loads of practice questions so you can really feel confident when you take the NCLEX.

What is it Really Like to be a Nurse?

What is it really like to be a nurse?

There are so many people who get into nursing without having any idea what it is really like. And while we all know that you have to live it to even being to know if you will love it, wouldn’t it be nice to share your knowledge with a new generation of nurses? Oh, and as a huge bonus, you could win a ton of money to spend on

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