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6 Social Issue Highlighted In The Media

The media has been discussing six topics related to the social behaviors and actions of Americans. These include eating disorders, elderly treatment in care homes, ageism, cyber-bullying, Internet fraud, and mistreatment of the mentally ill. It is actually sad to see that these are actually issues that are present in our country. What you will read here is a bit about each issue, and what you can do to help prevent these issues, or protect your loved ones from harm caused by these issues.

A Very Successful 5 Year Old: The Apple iPhone [Infographic]

While most would be thrilled if their 5 year old could read, Apple’s little contribution to the world has blow nearly all expectations out of the water. What else at age 5 had made such a significant impact to technology and the way we communicate?

There is no denying that the iPhone has certainly made an impact on the world. In just 5 years the iPhone has helped smartphones transition from the quirky gadgets of nerds to a near necessity of modern society.

The Benefits of Texting [Infographic]

The arguments of the harmful nature of text messages to social interaction seem to always be front and center. Many feel that texting ruins social skills, writing and spelling skills, and are depleting our attention spans. However, the benefits of texting are examined far less often.

The following infographic gives some representations of the many benefits of texting. And with 82% of he adult population owning some kind of cell phone, it’s high time we start taking and advantage of this useful tool and stop villainizing it.

Hey Hospitals, Patients Are Looking For you Online!

The potential for social media to impact and improve healthcare is staggering. This is especially prominent now that consumers are stepping up and confirming that a healthcare providers online presence will impact their decision to seek care with them.

Patient Communication: A Look at Starling by LangugateMate

A unique and innovative company, LanguageMate, are scratching at the surface of the possibilities of interactive patient communication in healthcare. Starling is a tool to use in patient communication that can enhance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (See Also Nursing)

That Einstein, a real genius. Ok, so I added the last part, but call it poetic license if you will. For all the grief my 6th grade English teacher Mrs.Barnett gave me, she gave me one sweet reward: Poetic license, but I digress. Back to the statement at hand: Doing the same thing over and …

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (See Also Nursing) Read More »

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