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Eggtronic Hub It Sync and Charge Station Review

Eggtronic Hub-It Sync and Charge Station Review

This  Eggtronic Hub-It Sync and Charge Station review has been facilitated by a sample product. Opinions stated are my own. We have a lot of devices in our house. This can often lead to frustration and confusion when the favorite iPhone charger is occupied or my husband doesn’t remember that he put his iPhone on the charger in a different room. We get replacement charges, but they often tend to break, or somehow walk away. They also tend to clutter up a counter top. I like …

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Keep Your Devices Alive with the Griffin PowerDock 5

When you have a family that is addicted to devices like we are getting power back into each one is important to keep the peace. There’s nothing worse than a 4 year who wants to play Minecraft but has 0% battery life on his iPad. That would usually be the point where he picks up his foam Minecraft sword and wants to act out the game with me in real life… and oh yea, I’m a creeper. But since we’ve have our Griffin PowerDock 5 centrally located, and at an accessible height, he just plugs it right in on his own and I no longer have to be bludgeoned.

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