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Update on the Amanda Trujillo Case: Doing the Right Thing Can be Subjective

If you have been following the Amanda Trujillo case you might be interested to know the Arizona Board of Nursing has issued the final resolution.

You can find the contents of the final ruling on the case here:

If you just want to get down to the nitty gritty and hear the “what happened” of it all, you can find the details on page 7 of the document.

“Respondent’s licenses is place on probation for twelve (12) months. Prior to termination of probation, respondent shall work as a registered nurse for a minimum of twelve (12) months (not less than 16 hours per week).”

Nursing Management Hates a Squeaky Wheel

It’s clear that being and advocate automatically makes you a target, but does it make you un-hirable? Nurse K at Crass Pollination gives an interesting and valid perspective about the Amanda Trujillo case and advocacy. In her opinion, and likely many others, what Amanda has done by advocating for her patient, herself, and all nurses is tantamount to career suicide. She also discusses what happens when nurses within an organization speak up and the measures administration often go through to oil the squeaky wheel.

Being an Advocate Means Being a Target

Being a nurse involved with social media certainly has its challenges. Once you get over the fear of losing your job for your blog or twitter account, there is a honeymoon period. During this time you feel empowered and exhilarated by your ability to have a voice and make an impact online. You use this voice to make an impact on the issues that matter to you and your profession.

True advocacy means making a difference

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Nurse Entrepreneur Spotlight: Avoid Medical Errors, Pat Iyer, MSN, RN, Lncc

On Avoid Medical Errors you can find a wealth of material related to staying healthy and becoming an educated consumer of healthcare. Her time spent working on medical malpractice cases can help you become informed of your rights an standards as a patient. She has a variety of patient education materials available to help you avoid the risk that can be associated with receiving medical care.

If you are a nurse and are reading this, lets not forget, we are all patients.

Avoid Medical Errors has much information that is available on the blog free of charge. There are also inner circle modules that are specific educational materials. You can sign up as a member and dive into well researched and vetted materials. There are new materials added to these modules every month and include exclusive interviews with medical professionals, inside tips, and special reports to help you better navigate the medical world.

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Let’s Pin Arizona Board of Nursing and Banner Health: Support Amanda Trujillo Buttons

By now you’ve hopefully heard the buzz among the nursing blogosphere and the social media community about Amanda Trujillo, the registered nurse who was fired by Banner Health after educating her patient on hospice options. Banner Health also took action again Ms. Trujillo’s nursing license and she has been unable to practice nursing for the past 10 minutes.

Nurses everywhere are standing with Amanda Trujillo and coming together and putting their money where their blog is…. or something. The point is, the community is supporting Amanda with more than just their words.

This is about more that one nurse. This is about more than one patient. This is about a culture of healthcare that has to change.

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