3 Tips to Increase Staff Engagement in EHR Software and Increase Patient Satisfaction

Many nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals have to use a electronic health record systems. They often face the task of documenting on patient’s medical records begrudgingly and don’t appreciate the technology they are using. They feel that this time spent documenting could better bet spent with the patients. What many of them don’t realize is that the resentment they hold for for EMR (electronic medical records) can actually cause them to spend less time with their patient’s.

It’s important to help clinicians get the most of of an EMR and show them how it can help them better care of their patients. If healthcare professionals see the value in the system they are much more likely to be better users.

Controlling your Smartphones with Your Eyes: Futuristic Tech a Reality Now


Have you ever wish that you could control your smartphone simply by looking at it? While it may sound a little silly, sometimes it’s just plain annoying to have to use your hands to control your device. I’m a dreamer of technology dreams. I have visions of geekery dancing in my head more often than not. And having the ability to control a smartphone or tablet by simply moving your eyes is what nerdy little dreams are made of.

7 Tips to Be a Successful Clinical Informatics Nurse


Again the names of clinical informatics nurses vary. You may be called an informatics nurse, an analyst, a nurse informaticist, information technology nurse support, or any number of titles. Your role in nursing is going to be altered, but still very impactful to the patients in the community you serve.

Tonic Health: Refreshing Medical Data Collection

electronic multi-platform survey verses paper

Tonic health is a multi-platform patient data collection tool. It’s how patients could use an iPad to replace the clipboard and pages of papers at the doctor’s office or perhaps even at home. It’s design is for surveys, but likely could easily be uses to collect your patients health histories at a start of care or updates as needed.

Meaningful Use Through Continuity of Care Documents

dilbert phi emr healthcare

Continuity of care documents (CCD) are a standard in electronic charting which ensures that relevant protected health information (PHI) can be shared with providers electronically and be received and used in a meaningful way.

Aboard the Nursing Spaceship: Server Room Geekery


my husband tells people I’m a Star Trek Nurse. Up until today I merely laughed at this description. Clearly he has no idea what a clinical informatics specialist does. Right?

Clinical Informatics Specialist: Week 1, Project Managent


Clinical Informatics (working behind the scenes with documentation and software) is such a fantastic combination of my learned skills, natural attributes, and passions. Heck, I even called myself a Nerdy Nurse for a full year before I even was one… well I was nerdy, and a nurse, but the two paths didn’t merge as often as I would have liked… but I digress.