Happy Thanksgiving: Being Thankful for my Blessings

being thankful thanksgiving thanks

We do not set aside nearly enough time to express thanks for the many blessings that we have in our lives. I am glad that we have a day dedicated to be thankful and embracing family. Sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are and Thanksgiving is wonderful reminder to take a moment to count your many blessings.

In no particular order, and in no way encompassing the entirety of all things I am thankful for, I present to you some of my blog-worthy blessings:

When You Need Someone Else To Care

As a nurse caring is second nature to me. Well honestly, as a human being, caring is second nature to me, but the nurse in me makes me enjoy it. And we all know that unfortunately not everyone cares. I also know that as a nurse I am constantly battling the all-too-familar nursing diagnosis (or […]

Social Media: It’s All About Making a Connection With People


I’ve fallen in love with social media.
It has given me confidence when I had lost it as a nurse. It has given me strength where none existed before. Times where I have felt alone and without anyone talk to, twitter was always there. It has given me the ability to just get it out, say, heck even shout it, when there is something I need to say and no one to say it to. Too often we hold things inside that we may need to say, for fear of consequences. We don’t want to be judged. We don’t want to upset anyone. But social media is difference.

Don’t Laugh. What does EPIC PWND mean?

This was the response I received when I sent this picture to some friends of mine this morning. It’s a legitimate question, really. I often forget that not everyone in the world is caught up in the same nerdy obsessions I have. So, I wrote her a 4 paragraph response detailing the how, why, and […]

A year has passed and we did it


Yesterday my little boy crossed the threshold from months to years. He will now referred to by many as a toddler rather than an infant. I just wish he’d actually start doing the toddling. Ty had walk, I’ve seen it! 4 steps 2 days ago. A few steps here and there yesterday. At this point […]

Friends with babies are fun


It has been a while since I’ve had friends over that want to stay all day and just hang out… like years. I think actually I was probably still in high school and it was a sleep over or something. I’m 24 now, so yea, that’s been a little while.Since I’m an adult, and all, […]