You’ve Figured Me Out: I Blogged About Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s Cause for Personal Gain

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 Amanda for blog hitsI’m ruined.

Yep. My blogging career is over.

WordPress is going to corrupt my database. Studio press is going to take away my Genesis theme. ICANN is going to take away my domain name. The Nerdy Nurse will die a bitter death in the nursing blogosphere.

(ps. that was total sarcasm, in case my tone didn’t leap of the page at you… sometimes I have to spell these things out. I’ve been told I can be perceived very differently than I intend. So now that we’re clear on that one at least…”)

HAH… yep. Believe it, because that’s what’s been said about little ol’ me.


I’ve Been Tweet Hated On

A nurse on twitter  publicly accuse me on of writing about Amanda Trujillo for blog hits and profit. I’m not going to link to it directly because I don’t feel it deserves your attention. You can search my stream if you want to see it yourself. It is an example of nurses attacking each other rather than working together on the bigger issues. It’s bullying, lateral violence, and all those other buzz words that I’ve written about here frequently.

Haters Gonna Hate

I’d by lying if I said that my blog hits have not increased because I wrote about Amanda. But I didn’t write about Amanda just for Amanda. I wrote about Amanda because her story spoke to me. It represents a bigger issue in nursing. An issue that many are afraid to talk about.

I wrote about her because I felt the she needed her story to be told. God has given me the ability and passion to share these issues and stories with the world and it would be wrong to not use that gift.

I do believe that I was the first to blog about it after Vernon Dutton’s posterous post and tweets. But it really doesn’t matter who, where, or why this who thing started. What matters is it started and it needed to.

I did use my social media presence to spread the messages to as many nurses as possible because I wanted others to comment and share her story.


I wanted others to share OUR story.

We are ALL Patients

This is about all nurses. This is about all patients. This is about doing the right thing for patients.

This is not about blog hits.

But I guess some people don’t realize that nurses typically don’t nurse for the gobs of money we make. And bloggers don’t typically blog for the gobs of money we make. Because although I do receive compensation for some of my content and I do make some income of my blog, it’s not the type of cash that would make me sell my soul to the devil and do anything to jeopardize my personal and professional integrity.

You may choose to believe what you wish about my intentions, but I know in my heart we are doing the right thing. I am truly sorry if you cannot trust that there are good people in this world who want to do the right thing and to help others.

If you want to do the right thing and help us help Amanda and other nurses, we welcome your support in the #NurseUp cause and I will continue to blog about any nursing issue I feel needs the exposure that my blog can give it.

  • Nurse Up for Amanda Trujillo on Facebook
  • Nurse Friendly Has a well organized list of content and resources about Nurse Up and Amanda Trujillo

Other Nurses and Bloggers Who are Blogging About Amanda for Personal Profit (again, sarcasm)

Who’s with me to fight the good fight?


special thanks to Chronic Babe and Six Until Me, who at Blog World Expo, introduced me to the concept and gave me a really cool sticker reminding everything that “We are all patients”.

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21 thoughts on “You’ve Figured Me Out: I Blogged About Nurse Amanda Trujillo’s Cause for Personal Gain”

  1. Greg Mercer, MSN

    We have a new petition up to boycott Arizona until we see some BON changes – please check it out & help us spread the word, next Hearing is 3/19 and AZBON reauthorization is still in the Legislature – we’re running out of time on this sweet spot for change.



    Thanks, and I hope all is well with you!

  2. Mary Mackenburg-Mohn, RN, PhD, CNP

    We all have the right to express ourselves. I am not sure to get blog hits is the way to achieve success and that seems quite apparent in this case. I am glad to know that our healthcare system may not be as hopeless as this blogger painted it to be.

  3. Greg Mercer, MSN

    Followed your lead tonight – spanked @DocSimpson a bit for his gratuitous. self-serving & superficial attacks – no War? If he starts it, we can decide when to end it, not him

  4. Greg Mercer, MSN

    I actually had a nice chat with Amanda tonight, unexpected bur positive – she expressed full awareness of her non-hirability in light of her very public & controversial situation, and we discussed future plans. We also discussed the ‘haters’ – those who feel compelled to offer rage and cynicism, and assume she represents a Union plot or a litigation scam or something really really wrong somehow – why else would she have the audacity to employ her First Amendment rights of FREE SPEECH?- and who assume we bloggers who offer her support are soft-headed dupes. To me, the more rage and hate we attract, the more it indicates progress – why else would people take their precious time to spew such vitriol? AZBON dithers on the case – why? Fear, perhaps, of this all too public process they have become exposed to – very unlike their past experience, ANA has even now felt compelled to comment, at long last – mostly to defend itself and all BONs, begging us all to trust the process without any question, and to ignore all bloggers – an expression of fear, perhaps, of the new powers rising. Traditional powers: ANA, AZBON, Komen, and Banner included, have seen the power of Social Media, and they fear it as they should – little people no longer need wait for their ‘betters’ to solve their problems – we can exert influence ourselves as Nurses, and change the world for the better. Times are changing…

  5. I certainly support Amanda Trujillo, and know that education is a huge responsibility of nursing. Not only is education “right” but it is mandatory, and we can be fired for not providing full disclosure.

    The question I have about this case: Reading more about it, the patient in question was scheduled for “an evaluation for a transplant” the next day, not scheduled for the procedure. The manager of the unit was upset at the nurse for “undermining the hard work of the doctor” because it is very difficult to even get as far as being accepted into evaluation. During the evaluation more of the teaching would have occurred. The doctor was seeing the transplant as a viable alternative, in fact the only alternative, to Hospice.

    The patient may well have chosen Hospice over the transplant, but did deserve to have the transplant procedure thoroughly examined as well.

    Did the nurse’s request for Case Management intercession mean that the patient would not receive the evaluation for transplant? If Case Management and Hospice were additional resources, and would not hold up the evaluation, then I agree that termination of the nurse is unconscionable.

    If, by pursing Hospice intervention at this time (rather than after the evaluation), the patient is put to the end of the list of possible transplants, then the patient was given a dis-service.

    Again, I am unclear whether the nurse validated that transplant was a viable option to Hospice, and worth at least the evaluation the doctor has succeeded in securing; and then made sure she had information about what all was entailed in the surgery and post-op care.

    When we talk to a vulnerable patient, we must be aware of our own influence. I don’t know why this nurse did not call the doctor to express her concerns; it should never have just been passed along in report. The manager should also have been alerted. The nurse needs to advocate for the patient, yes yes yes. Too, the nurse needs to be aware of when actions are controversial, and fight for the rights in the correct channel.

    What happened to the patient?

  6. Greg Mercer, MSN

    Hang in their – I need a role model! The hate means you have some traction, you’re being heard. Cynicism and apathy are just so easy and useless – a true cop-out. “Nothing works, nobody cares, so I’ll do nothing but screw around.” Sad. So it goes (my favorite Vonnegut line)

    Maybe people will say I too and others want to make a career on this: all that fame and fortune so I can retire to Malibu – do people actually believe such tripe? Followers and attention are nice, I guess, but hardly worth all this work. No, I want to make a positive difference for Nursing and Health Care. This case came along and sucked me in – all for the good, hopefully.

    Want to mention the Nurse Power for Amanda campaign, growing, easy to join and participate. Details:
    Thanks for being your Nerdy Nurse self – keep plugging.

      1. A very wise person told me once, “if you make enemies, it’s because you stood up for someone.” That person was a nurse, who was quoting Winston Churchill I think.

          1. Greg Mercer, MSN

            Certainly there are few acts more apt to attract hostile consequences thsn standing up for the right thing against the crowd (of sheep). Ethics would be trivially easy otherwise, as what’s right is almost always obvious. Nevertheless, we must take care when we decide to make waves for a cause: 1) Unless our acts might plausibly improve things somehow, we are not acting ethically, because 2) If we attract hostiliy or disruption as a primary goal or go to war unprepared to win, both common enough, it indicates ego gratification, not being in the right, when we achieve the outrage we sought. Don’t short-circuit ethics: it is the essence of anti-ethical self-serving hypocrisy to do so.

  7. It’s obvious that the comments on twitter were very offensive to you, NN. I would, however, suggest addressing the issue with less “return hate-on”.

    The sarcasm may have been in attempt to illustrate a point and defend your position, but I found the overall tone of this post to be very defensive/reactionary. You’re better than that.

    Stay cool and professional NN,

  8. The only logical explanations for anyone to tweet such obvious b.s. are:

    1. They are associated with the doctor who had the curtain pulled away from his Wizard of Oz complex by one very astute Amanda Trujillo. (Aside from the fact that this factor wasn’t even her intent here. Her intent was to help the patient.)

    2. Straight up jealous. Perhaps her blog has very low traffic and she’s resentful.

    Those are the only two reasons for such an inane accusation that I can come up with. Anyway. You’ve got way bigger fish to fry. Onward and upward.

  9. D*** Straight! We are ALL past, present, or future patients, and when it comes down to it, I, and I alone want to determine my care…and I want all the options/pros/cons presented to me, not just the ones that will make the docs/hospitals money.

    This is not about blog hits, for sure.

    Bummed that I missed the chat tonight on Twitter re: Trujillo… #ivchat. Sorry that you were hated on…a side effect of being well-known enough for people to be jealous of the attention your blog receives, no doubt. #Winning lol….

    1. Jessica,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Haters are just gonna hate. I get it.
      I’m strong enough to take it. If I wasn’t, I don’t think I’d be much of a blogger.

      This is about the rights of the patients and the duty of the nurses to be advocates. MOST of us see that… there will always be rain seeking a parade.

  10. Coach Perg - The Nurses Coach™

    This blogger is easily among the ultra minority regarding this case and there will always be the few that try to resist what you’re doing. As you mentioned, they are the ones that hate on their own brothers and sisters in the profession. It’s a personality d/o trait. Should they one day end up in the hot seat we’ll welcome their request for assistance and rally together for them as well.

    1. Coach Perg,

      Darn straight.
      If they ever need help fighting a legitimate and worthy nursing issue, I would certainly assist… cause that would mean huge blog hits for me. Right? 🙂

      sorry. I just can’t help myself.

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