Toddler Toy Review: MARVEL Spider-Man Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES – STUNTACULAR SPEED LOOP Set (And Bonus Spider-Man Story!)

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Sprider-Man has always kept a place in my heart. So when I was given the opportunity to have my son test the MARVEL Spider-Man Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES – STUNTACULAR SPEED LOOP Set, I was eager to get to write a review.

You see, Spider-Man is my husband… well, when we were teenagers anyway.

imageThe very first time I met my husband was at the mall when I was 16 years old. I was on a “date” or sorts with a gentleman friend of mine and we went into a store called Spencer’s. They were going out of business and everything was mega-marked-down. Most things were 75% off or more. The huge mark-downs generated a fairly large crowd.

We weren’t there too long when suddenly Spider-Man ran through the font door and suddenly leapt on top of the counter. He then began shooting webs of silly string and striking a pose frequently, He’d climb up the walls and everyone in the store was laughing hysterically.

Especially me.

I had found it so funny, that I literally had to sit in the floor because I was laughing so hard. The fella I was with didn’t find it nearly as amusing.

But what can I say? I dig a dude who can pull of a full body suit of spandex.

We met more formally some months later, and still laugh about that quirky first encounter.

Our mutual love for Spider-Man continues to grow throughout the years. Because of this, our son is predestined to be a Spider-Man fan the most. And he is already showing the traits.

2012-07-16 13.40.30While my husband seemed to struggle with determining exactly how to get the car to make the complete loop, my toddler Ty had not trouble at all figuring out exactly what to do with the MARVEL Spider-Man Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES – STUNTACULAR SPEED LOOP.

By manipulating the Spider-Man action figure to properly sit in the car, this toy helped my toddler to develop his fine motor skills. His gross motor skills were also utilizing during active play with the the car itself. This toy also helped Ty to boost his social and emotional development when he discussed playing with the toy with us.

2012-07-16 13.36.18

One of the most beneficial aspects of this toy has been that it encourages my toddler to user his imagination to enhance his play. While he enjoys the iPad and apps, there is something unique and needed about physical play with toys that are actually meant for children. They force a child to use their mind to problem solve and find new and different ways to have fun with a toy.

This type of play increases creativity and leads to individuals who can think outside of the box. And if you want to be employed in the world of the future, you better be thinking way out of the box.

For the reasonable price, and the hours of play, the MARVEL Spider-Man Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES – STUNTACULAR SPEED LOOP is a great value.

Approx. Retail: $26.99


Available for purchase at: Walmart, Amazon, Kmart, and Target.

More information about MARVEL Spider-Man Adventures PLAYSKOOL HEROES – STUNTACULAR SPEED LOOP Set via Hasbro.


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