The Health Hazards of Tablet Use: Problems and Best Practices [Infographic]

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The frequent use of digital devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones can have a negative impact on your health. For example, you eyes can be strained from staring at a computer screen for too long. You can also develop neck and back pain from viewing a tablet at an awkward angle for extended periods of time.

It can be difficult to remember to use good posture and positions when using electronic devices, but this is crucial in order to limit the strain to your muscles. Also, different iPad case have different angles they prop the iPad up. The smart cover case offers a 15 degree angle which increase neck strain over time. A portfolio style iPad case has a 45 degree angle which may help to reduce neck strain, but may cause pain and problems with your wrists over time.

The following infographic gives some examples and best practices for health hazards related to tablet use.


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It is important to be aware of the potential for music strain and other issues related to tablet use. As long as you are aware of the potential for problems, and make frequent position changes, your chances of long-term injury from tablet use should be minimal.

We are not meant to sit in vegetative states staring at screens for hours on end. Every now and then we have to get up, move around, and stretch out. Also, be aware of potential injury that can occur from repetitive wrist movement especially at unnatural angles.

How do you prevent neck and back strain and pain from tablet and smartphone use?

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