The Growing Concern of Visual Privacy

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The Growing Concern of Visual Privacy A few months ago, I wrote about a post titled “What is Visual Privacy and How to Avoid Visual Hacking.” My goal was to define both visual privacy and visual hacking and offer solutions to protect sensitive data. I highlighted 3M™ Privacy Filters and how they can protect data both at home and on the job. This post is a followup to continue to dive into the issue of visual hacking, and how my 3M™ Privacy Filter has helped to keep my data safe from prying eyes. Before we dig into the issue, I think it’s important to define, once again, visual privacy and visual hacking:

  • Visual privacy is the issue of sensitive information being accessed visually via screens creating a security risk for organizations.
  • Visual hacking is the active threat of sensitive, confidential or privacy information being viewed or captured for unauthorized use.

Every Computer is at Risk

Every computer in a hospital, or with access to the hospital’s network, it at risk of being breached. Everyone gets annoyed by screensavers and security protocols, but they are a necessary part of healthcare workflow. Without these security tools, patient data is freely accessible. Unfortunately, many screens are unsecured when nurses and physicians are using them. Whether at the patient’s bedside, nurses’ station, or in the field, an unsecured screen carries a risk of a data breach.

Growing Concern About Visual Privacy

As technology evolves, and healthcare becomes more mobile, visual privacy has become even more important. In fact, in “The Visual Privacy Productivity Study,” conducted by the Ponemon Institute, over half of the respondents reported that their visual privacy had been violated.

Visual Privacy Violations Occurred:

  • 69% in the workplace
  • 55% while traveling
  • 51% in public areas

Simple and Affordable Solutions to Visual Privacy

3M privacy filter in action For the past few months, I have been using a 3M™ Privacy Filter on my laptop when I travel. I frequently find myself in airports, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and other public venues that offer little in the way of privacy. I like using 3M™ Privacy Products, specifically the privacy filters, because I can see my screen clearly while making sure that those around me can’t. 3M™ is a leader in visual privacy solutions, and the 3M™ Privacy Filter provides an affordable solution to keep my data safe.

Leaders Must Take Action

3m privacy filter in place With all the talk about data security, I find it really interesting that one of the simplest, and most affordable solutions is often overlooked. I’ve worked in hospitals, corporate offices, and retail, and I’ve only seen a handful of privacy filters in use. Frankly, it’s irresponsible. Installing a privacy filter provides a one-time solution, that won’t obstruct the view for the intended user, will last for years and protect data instantly. What’s stopping you from taking action today?

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Have you ever been the victim of visual hacking? What visual privacy risks do you see in the healthcare setting?

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