The Benefits of Network Scanning in Healthcare

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Network scanning can really improve the workflow and user experience of nurse and other healthcare professionals on the front line. Let’s dive into the benefits of network scanning.

When I transitioned from working at the bedside to clinical informatics nursing I was thrilled. I finally had my own office in the IT department right alongside other nurses and analysts who did the work that made the hospital’s EMR stay functioning. There was a beautiful new computer, a high tech voice-over IP phone, and even a copier a few feet from my cubical. It was a nerd’s dream with one minor issue.

Network Scanning Has Huge Healthcare Benefits

There was no scanner.

I do all my business inside computers, smartphones, and tablets. I take notes. I pay bills. I order things. I talk to my friends and colleagues. At home, my printer had full ink because it was primarily used for scanning. I never even print out documents that have to be signed. Instead, I used a PDF software that allows me the annotate and sign documents right on my computer. So to say I was annoyed by not having access to a scanner was an understatement.

I was appalled.

For a while, we over-utilized archaic technologies such as faxing. Or worse, we had to drop it in a file on the single administrative assistant’s desk and hope it was scanned by the time you needed it.

It wasn’t efficient.

One day I was sitting in my cubical and I overhead some office chit-chat about a new network scanner. I immediately jumped up from my chair and started looking for it. I was excited to put an end to all this faxing and file folder business. I didn’t have to look far because right next to the printer was a beautiful new network scanner.

I was in love!

I went to my file cabinet that was filled with a year’s worth of paper and quickly found a stack of documents that I wanted to archive digitally. I touched the screen and the interface was amazing. I had the option to select a network location or send directly to an email address. I decided to email the documents to myself. Then I placed a stack of documents on the scanner and it quickly scanned each page without any issues.

I had to share.

I quickly became the IT department’s own network scanning evangelist. I told anyone and everyone I could about this amazing technology. Some of them looked at me a little funny, but most of them were just as happy as I was to have access to a technology that would streamline our workflow and get us away from using older technologies, or in many cases, no technology at all.

Healthcare IT relies on technology every day. When analysts and other healthcare IT staff do not have access to tools to do their jobs their performances suffer. There are many technologies and tools that can improve the workflow of healthcare IT and informatics nurses. Network scanning is one that should not be missed.

Does your hospital use network scanning?

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