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How to Thank Nurses (And What Not to Do)

How to Thank Nurses (And What Not to Do)

There are some practical and creative ways to show a nurse how much you appreciate them. And then there are awkward or cringy things you really shouldn’t. Learn how to thank nurses and some things you should probably avoid too. 

Happy Thanksgiving: Being Thankful for my Blessings

being thankful thanksgiving thanks

We do not set aside nearly enough time to express thanks for the many blessings that we have in our lives. I am glad that we have a day dedicated to be thankful and embracing family. Sometimes we forget just how fortunate we are and Thanksgiving is wonderful reminder to take a moment to count your many blessings.

In no particular order, and in no way encompassing the entirety of all things I am thankful for, I present to you some of my blog-worthy blessings:

Why I am thankful I am a Nurse

Everyday presents me with new challenges and the opportunity to overcome them. My growth and development in my profession are limited only by my desire and will. I have the opportunity to be intimately involved in peoples lives and promote health and positive change. I am allowed ample opportunity to be creative and make things …

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