The Burden of Overtreatment – What is Unnecessary Healthcare and Why it is a Problem

The eye of the media is constantly focused on Americans who are lacking in healthcare. But what about the many individuals who do have health insurance and are being subjected to medical overtreatment?

Far too often we are running too many scans, too many labs, and performing far too many procedures. And according to the Institute of Medicine, this overtreatment is costing health care systems over $210 billion a year. Not only are the costs financially high, but the burden of pain, complications, and even potential death are on the line in this epidemic.

Nurse Blamed for Donor Kidney Being Put in Medical Waste

A recent article from Toledo Blade discusses how a UTMC nurse tossed out kidney, and ruined it.

The story is tragic. A man wished to donate his kidney to his older sister. After it was surgically removed from the donor, it was misplaced. For over an hour no one knew the whereabouts of the missing kidney. It was finally discovered in medical waste and was determined to be unusable. The doctors involved decided with the family that it would be best to no go forward with transplanting said kidney.

Your Head Just Ain’t Right: Coming to Terms with My Tumor

MRI brain pituitary macroadenoma

I obtained the MRI results and read for myself what the radiologist thought my my brain mass. Apparently I have a pituitary macroadenoma and has suffered a headache related to something called pituitary apoplexy.

The neurologist referred me to both an endocrinologist and an neurosurgeon. The result was the recommendation to undergo Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery to remove the tumor through my nose.

Arizona Nurse Has License Threatened By Doctor After Providing Patient Education

The following blog post is an email that was originally sent to @EchoHeronAuthor. It was then posted on Vernon Dutton’s Posterous, Amanda Trujillo case will go before the Arizona State Board of Nursing on January 24th, 2012.

Her story is one of an archaic medical model in which the doctor’s word is supreme and we are all just nurse maids here to do their bidding. This is an indication that there are many who do not wish to continue to advance toward collaborative healthcare in which we work as a team to provide patients with the best care possible. This is also an example of persons who may not be in medicine for the right reasons.

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