5 Best Alegria Nurse Shoes

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  I’ve always known that Alegria nurse shoes were super popular, but I held out on trying them for a long time. For several years, I swore by supportive and orthopedic nursing shoes. I would order pairs of shoes from several sellers- and wished I could make fine adjustments to tweak them to my liking. …

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How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

How to Find the Best Nursing Shoes

Do you really need the best nursing shoes to fit your hectic lifestyle? Absolutely. You can’t just wear ordinary athletic shoes when the going gets tough and expect them to perform as well as the best nursing shoes or nursing clogs. The right pair of shoes can improve your comfort, safety and performance multi-fold. Most …

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7 Best Non-Slip Shoes

7 Best Non Slip Shoes

Be comfortable and safe. These are the best non-slip shoes for nurses. Buy a few as backups when they wear out, you’ll fall in love with them on the job. 7 Best Non-Slip Shoes So you’ve been on a quest for a long time to find the best non-slip shoes, good enough to handle the …

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Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes

Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes

Anyone who works on their feet all day is likely to suffer from sore feet, heel spurs, blisters, stiff legs, and back pain etc. Sound familiar? No one knows this better than nurses. And it’s just the same for women or men. Top 5 Men’s Nursing Shoes With the men being the minority within the …

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Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses

Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses

The search for the most comfortable shoes for nurses is one that many will face. Everyone has different feet and every nursing shoe offers a new opportunity to take your feet on an adventure. Unfortunately, some of those adventures leave your feet, back, and legs feeling less than stellar. Through months, and sometimes years, of trial and error nurses work to find their favorite pair of shoes based upon their own unique criteria. After having the opportunity to test the Grey’s Anatomy Meredith Clog by Softwalk, who I have partnered with for this post, I believe I had found my pick from most comfortable shoes for nurses (or at least this nurse).

Lightweight and Flexible Nursing Shoes: Are Minimalist Shoes for Nurses?

Lightweight and Flexible Nursing Shoes: Are Minimalists Shoes for Nurses?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have lightweight and flexible nursing shoes? Have you ever wondered if minimalist shoes are for nurses? Can you work a 12 hours shift in a flat shoe and still feel comfortable? Will they protect your feet? I was asked to review the Lems Lightweight Barefoot Sneaker and perhaps considering it as an alternative to traditional nursing shoes. (Full disclosure I received the shoes to facilitate the review. No monetary compensation was received) Most nursing shoes are heavy, made of thick non-breathable material like leather, vinyl, or some man-made material. Those type of shoes have their place on the floor, but I think that looking other types of nursing shoes.

Guide to the Top Nursing Gear

Guide to Top Nursing Gear

If you’re looking for the best nursing gear, including the best shoes for nurses, best stethoscope, or best gifts for nurses we’ve got you covered. Heck, we’ll even tell you some of the best nursing apps!

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